The Best PDF Editors on Windows & Mac for 2022 [Paid & Free]

Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popular file formats. It preserves the layout of pages in a file. In the era of digitization, PDF files will be more and more widely and deeply used undoubtedly. Especially the pandemic has given rise to the unprecedented remote working mode, so people may rely more on PDF files in sending and sharing documents through email or cloud service. Free online PDF tool is not the best choice for regular and heavy users due to the access and processing limitations. Even...

Screen Dims When Playing Games on Windows 10 (A Complete Guide)

Many people complained that the screen dims so long as you play games. Especially, when you are playing games in full screen, the computer screen starts dimming, but it does not dim when you play a video or browse on a browser in full screen. The computer screen just goes dark as if the screen brightness keeps dimming. Sometimes, you cannot even play the game after the Windows screen gets dimmer. Why Does my Screen Dim When Playing Games? Computer brightness gets dimmer after you tried to play a game...
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