Windows Errors

Windows Errors

Fixed: GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0001 Error

When you play games on NVIDIA GeForce Experience, it warns you an error that NVIDIA GeForce Experience Something went wrong, try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience. Like GeForce Experience error 0x0003, this 0x0001 issue will also affect the performance of your game as GeForce Experience is a utility installed on the NVIDIA graphics card to better manage your games on this gaming platform. Once prompted this GeForce Experience error, you may have tried to reboot your PC and launch the app again, but to no avail. So...
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Solved: TiWorker.exe High Disk Usage on Windows 10

If your PC runs slowly suddenly, you will check the processes in the task manager, but sometimes you may stumble upon TiWorker.exe using high disk usage on Windows 10. Or in some cases, high CPU usage caused by TiWorker.exe will come up on Windows 8, 8.1, 10. Now, this post will focus on fixing TiWorker.exe (Windows Module Installer Worker) disk error step by step. What is TiWoker.exe? Also named as Windows Module Installer Worker, TiWorker.exe is a Windows system process designed to manage Windows updates and Windows update components. Once...
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Fixed: GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 on Windows 10, 8, 7

It is a common phenomenon that NVIDIA GeForce Experience crashes with an error message that “Something went wrong. Try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience. Error Code: 0x0003”. Sometimes, you will also stumble upon GeForce Experience error code 0x0001 on Windows 10. Why Does GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 happen to my computer? As for why GeForce Experience error 0x0003 comes to your PC, the reasons vary from users to users. Normally, the most potential culprits for his game issue are as follows: 1. Your NVIDIA Telemetry container service...
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Solved: Static in Headphones and Speakers on Windows 10, 8, 7

For some users, you may often hit upon this phenomenon: after plugging in headphones and speakers, it bumps out static sounds or noisy or crackling sound from the headphone. Especially after Windows 10 upgrade, the static sound in headphones and speakers appears more frequently. Find this static noise in headphone annoying? Now, try your best to get rid of the random noise in your headphones. Why Does Static Sound Build up My Headphones and Speakers? This static or crackling sound can either be caused by the broken hardware or the...
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