You can learn a lot of programs such as mom.exe, articlexx.exe, csrss.exe, sedlanucher.exe, lsass.exe, OpenAL, OpenGL, etc. You can also solve the problem of High CPU Usage caused by many programs.

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Tap Windows Adapter V9: What is and How to Remove it on Windows 10, 8, 7

For some Windows users, when you open Device Manager and expand Network adapters, just to find a Tap-Windows Adapter V9. But you have no clue about this adapter on Windows 10. Why is there a Tap-Windows Adapter V9 on your PC? Or for some users, even if you know what this adapter is, this Tap-Windows Adapter runs into error when you connect to the VPN. And it is also common that the internet connection isn't working when Tap-Windows Adapter is enabled. Hence, many of you are wondering whether to uninstall...

Photoshop Scratch Disk Full – Full Explain & 6 Solutions

Photoshop is a very commonly used and powerful image processing software. Many designers use it for some post-image processing and other imaging work. However, many people will often encounter Photoshop scratch disk full error when using this software. This article will teach you how to solve this problem. Contents: How Did Scratch Disk Full OccursWhat Causes Photoshop Scratch Disk Full?What is a Scratch Disk?Where is the Photoshop Scratch Disk Location in Your Computer?How to Check Scratch Disk Space and Usage in Photoshop?How Much Scratch Disk Space is Better?How to Fix...

Fixed: Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

Some gamers or non-gamers keep receiving a Discord error that Discord can't hear other people but they can hear you. Even if you can see Discord green circle but no sound. Also, some gamers find that they can't hear others when Discord is minimized. That is so annoying that Discord randomly can't hear anyone in games. Whatever Discord sound error facing you, it is worth following on to fix this Discord sound not working issue on Windows 10, 8, 7. How to Fix Discord Can't Hear Anyone? If there are...
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Windows Installer Cleanup Utility: Download & Usages

When some programs on Windows 10, 8, 7 runs into troubles, uninstalling the program is usually a final but effective way to fix the problem. But it is common that some users will be prompted to install a Windows program named Windows Installer Cleanup utility to get rid of the related files and registries completely. However, some people doubt the safety and reliability of this unfamiliar program. Is there a Windows Installer Cleanup utility for Windows 10?  What does this Windows Installer Clean Up do? Can it really uninstall the...

Fixed: Corsair Utility Engine Won’t Open on Windows

Some friends using Corsair products may encounter such a problem. When you plug in your RGB K65 or K70 keyboard or other hardware and want to set it up again, but you find the Corsair Utility Engine won't open, you can set nothing for your keyboard. And some people reported that after uninstalling the old version of CUE and installing the latest version of CUE, but it also failed to open. How to Fix Corsair Utility Engine Won’t Open When your Corsair Utility Engine does not work properly, it may...

Is BuckStacks Safe on Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

 According to your reports, it is found that many users are concerned about an application named BlueStacks. Is it the BlueStacks a virus app? Do I need it on my Windows or Mac PC? In this way, this post comes into play to relieve all your doubts about BlueStacks. Overview: What is BlueStacks? Is BlueStacks Safe on Windows and Mac Systems?  Should I Download BlueStacks on my PCs and Macs? How to Uninstall BlueStacks Completely? What is BlueStacks? In fact, what you mean BlueStacks here refers to BlueStacks App Player....

What is Bonjour in My Computer? Do I Really Need it?

Overview: What is Bonjour? Do I Really Need Bonjour on my computers? How Do I Remove Bonjour from Windows 10, 8, 7? For people who use MacBooks, it is common that Bonjour is working on Mac. But you have no idea what it is used for on your MacBook. While, for Windows users, it seems more confusing that there should be an Apple application on Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. In this sense, you would better to know what Bonjour is and whether you really need it on Mac and...

What is YourPhone.exe process and How to Disable it

Overview: What are Your Phone and YourPhone.exe? Is YourPhone.exe process virus? Can I Remove It? How to Disable YourPhone.exe on Windows 10? How to Uninstall Your Phone App on Windows 10? For some users, you may have noticed that there is a process named YourPhone.exe on your PC. But you don’t know what it is used to do and how you can prevent it from working in case there are any errors caused by it. So you are strongly recommended to follow up to get the details about this process...
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Solved: TiWorker.exe High Disk Usage on Windows 10

If your PC runs slowly suddenly, you will check the processes in the task manager, but sometimes you may stumble upon TiWorker.exe using high disk usage on Windows 10. Or in some cases, high CPU usage caused by TiWorker.exe will come up on Windows 8, 8.1, 10. Now, this post will focus on fixing TiWorker.exe (Windows Module Installer Worker) disk error step by step. What is TiWoker.exe? Also named as Windows Module Installer Worker, TiWorker.exe is a Windows system process designed to manage Windows updates and Windows update components. Once...

What Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe and How to Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe Issues

Overview: What is QtWebEngineProcess.exe? Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe Virus? How to Uninstall QtWebEngineProcess.exe? How to Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe Issues?Bonus Tip Many of you are rather confused about the QtWebEngineProcess.exe. And for some users, you may be prompted with QtWebEngineProcess.exe issues. On that occasion, it is necessary to move on to know clearly what QtWebEngineProcess.exe is, whether it is safe, and how to remove it from Windows 7, 8, 10. What is QtWebEngineProcess.exe? Also known as Origin or Ring Central on Windows systems, the QtWebEngineProcess.exe file is a component of Qt WebEngine developed by The Qt...
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