Fix Reddit Search Not Working (2023 Update)

Are you wondering whether the Reddit search is down? Many users recently find that Reddit search not responding, either on the Reddit website or the Reddit app.

reddit search not working

Admittedly, Reddit is widely used among users worldwide about a wide range of topics like computers, movies, common sense, social phenomena, and games.

However, the Reddit search failed to show you all the results of the discussed topic. Instead, sometimes, it just can’t load completely, and sometimes, it shows you an error message saying, “Sorry, we couldn’t load search results”. This post will show you why your Reddit search is not functioning and offer you some solutions to solve the Reddit search error.

Why is the Reddit Search Not Working?

Several factors related to this search website are most likely to cause Reddit does not respond.

Firstly, the Reddit platform itself occurs to problems, and perhaps the technicians are working on this problem.

Secondly, the search filter is carelessly set by you to allow only limited results to pop up whatever topic you try to search for.

Thirdly, the Ad Blockers has disabled the pop-up of some search results, so it can only show you the error message that it can’t load all the results.

Fourthly, you have not customized the Reddit search, thus causing some results not to appear based on your settings. Try to fix the Reddit search down on browser or app issue now.

How to Fix Reddit Search Not Working?

You need to check the ad blocker on your search engines like Google Chrome and Firefox to ensure they are not blocking Reddit from showing all search results. What’s more, you may also need to change the settings of Reddit or the browser like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.


Solution 1: Check Issues with Reddit

Before you start fixing this Reddit Search not showing up full discussion results from more specific aspects, it is worthwhile to check the end or backend of the Reddit platform. Once the Reddit end or client runs to issue, users are all unable to see the search results.

To check the Reddit backend, you just need to navigate to Reddit official website. If it shows you a blank webpage or yellow bar, chances are that the backend of this platform does not work at all, thus showing any results when you search on it.

Solution 2: Turn off Reddit Search Filter

Reddit search filter refers to an option provided by Reddit to automatically remove your searches when it considers the searches are “Not Safe For Work” (NSFW).

Normally, Reddit will automatically enable this option for you, so your search history on the Reddit search box will be deleted due to the enabled Reddit search filter. You may as well try to disable this search filter on Reddit to see it will help to show all the results without a “loading” issue.

1. Go to and then find out the profile image.

2. Click the profile image and then hit User Settings.

3. In Reddit User Settings, locate Feed Settings, and then choose to switch on Adult contend and Safe browsing mode.

reddit feed settings

You can save changes and right click the website on the search bar to reload it. For many users, Reddit search works and presents the full discussion forum where all results are loaded and available for you.

Solution 3: Disable Ad Blockers

Normally, users prefer to add one or more Ad Blocking extensions, mostly AdBlock, to the browser to use to block ads when searching. However, it is said that the ad-blocking extensions will cause conflicts with the Reddit platform.

Therefore, even if the AdBlock can improve the browsing experience by removing the annoying ads during the Reddit search, you may as well disable the Ad Blockers on your search engine temporarily to see whether the search bar of Reddit functions well or not.

You may be using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other on Windows or Mac to search on Reddit. Here taking turning off AdBlock on Chrome to Reddit search not working on Google Chrome.

1. Double click Google Chrome on the desktop to launch this search engine.

2. In the Google Chrome search bar, copy and paste Chrome://extension and then hit the Enter keyboard key.

chrome extensions in the search bar

3. Find out the AdBlock extension and then hit Remove to eliminate it from this browser.

adblock extension remove

If necessary, you can also try to switch off this extension to temporarily disable it to check whether Reddit search will load and show all the results under of topic without the interruptions of extensions like AdBlock. You can then close and then relaunch Google Chrome to search for a topic in the Reddit search bar.

Solution 4: Try to Search on another Browser

In case of browser errors that result in Reddit search not showing full results, when you noticed that Reddit Search seems down when you try to navigate to it and search about a topic like a movie on Google Chrome. For instance, try to copy and then paste the website on other browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Sometimes, the cache corruptions or extension settings on a browser may lead to the Reddit search not available error, so the other browser may help.

If possible, you can also try to navigate to Reddit to search about a topic on another PC or system. In this way, you can figure out whether the PC like the network has resulted in Chrome Reddit search not working at all.


You can try to fix the Reddit search unavailable problem by solving the backend issues on the Reddit platform, the removing AdBlock extension, and trying another browser. You can try the solutions in this post one by one with patience, and you will resolve the Reddit search not working issue on Windows, Mac, or even smartphones easily when focusing on the most relevant factors with the Reddit website or app.

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