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As the must be VPN software in 2019, you can use RitaVPN do many things with its powerful speed and wordwide servers. The fast online speed and 100% safe privacy secure protection will be best for you.

RitaVPN is operated by Weikawen Technology Limited which was founded in 2017 in HongKong. Made up of experienced talents, the company’s main business is SD-WAN, namely WAN optimization, covering online gaming, music streaming, online video streaming, video chat, video conference and so on. It is a growing VPN service provider that ensures users’ security and anonymity online

Dedicated to encrypting your traffic and defeating VPN blocking, RitaVPN is a useful tool for you to get secure and private Internet access. RitaVPN promises to take users’ privacy as its priority. You can rely on RitaVPN to stay safe and anonymous online. 

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Features of RitaVPN

The following features were summarized through our tests:

  • Trustworthy encryption technologies for traffic data
  • Zero traffic logs that means it never records users’ activity
  • Torrent-friendly that let you download torrents fast, safely and anonymously
  • One account works on multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Unblock popular contents streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Smart server that automatically chooses the fast server for you
  • Dedicated lines offer bufferless streaming to users in specific regions
  • Swift installation and easy-to-use


RitaVPN offers 3 perfect plans for you to choose from. If you are not sure you want to subscribe to a VPN just yet, RitaVPN is absolutely a good choice. It provides new users with 12 hours of free trial. If you want to get more free trials, you can watch ads in exchange for them.

Three steps to use RitaVPN:

1. Create your own account by selecting a plan and pay for it with your preferred method of payment.

2. Download RitaVPN to your device. It will automatically choose the version that is compatible with the devices you are using.

3. Install RitaVPN, and start browsing anonymously with just one-click.

Plan Tenure

Monthly Price

Annual Price

Billing Cycle


1 Month





6 Month



Every 6 Months

30% Discount

1 Year




55% Discount

What we’d like to point out is that there is a plan that costs 8.99$ per month for mobile devices. It will automatically renew your subscription.


Among various features of a VPN, “speed” usually grabs the most attention from the users. When it comes to RitaVPN, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s look at our speed test:





















The United States

Silicon Valley




Note: We took this test in Asia-Pacific region.

Advantages of Servers

RitaVPN offers 4 main servers that cover most regions in the world. So, users can enjoy fast and secure Internet connection from almost anywhere in the world.

4 Main Servers:

  • Frankfurt server in Germany covers Europe
  • HongKong server in China covers East Asia
  • Singapore server covers Southeast Asia
  • Silicon Valley server in the United States covers North America

For specific regions, we offer dedicated lines from the Middle East to Germany / US and from Indonesia / India to Singapore / HongKong / US. Dedicated lines enable users in the Middle East, Indonesia and India to access resources in European and the United States with no buffer or packet loss.

In addition, RitaVPN offers you a smart server that will automatically choose the fastest server from its servers around the world. This Optimal-Node Server aims to ensure the best Internet access for users.

Note: You are not recommended to choose a server manually unless you want to connect to a specific server. RitaVPN’s smart server will select the optimal server for you.


As you can see from many other RitaVPN reviews, RitaVPN features swift installation and easy-to-use. Thanks to RitaVPN, you can surf the Internet anonymously and safely whenever you have to connect to a public wireless network. All you have to do is just one click. RitaVPN will choose the optimal server for you. You can rest assured to enjoy unlimited streaming online.

Customer Support Service

RitaVPN provides users with high-quality customer support. If you have any trouble while using the VPN, you can turn to a live chat on its official website or email support for help. And you are able to know more about RitaVPN or other basic knowledge of Internet security and privacy from its official blogs. 

What are the Pros of RitaVPN?

Smart servers automatically select the server that provides you with the fastest Internet connection

  • One-click to enjoy unlimited and private Internet access
  • Dedicated lines for specific regions like the Middle East, Indonesia and India
  • Helpful and reliable customer service
  • Widely compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming services with no buffer
  • Set no limits on bandwidth and Internet connection with torrenting
  • Zero logs policy further ensures your privacy

What are the Cons of RitaVPN?

  • No discounts on a monthly plan
  • Payment methods are limited

Is RitaVPN reliable?

RitaVPN is absolutely reliable to use for its encryption technologies and zero logs policy. Besides, RitaVPN is simple and easy-to-use but provides high-level service for its users. You will be impressed by its excellent performance when using it.

Moreover, RitaVPN guarantees a strict zero logs policy that keeps your personal data only to yourself. If you become a subscriber of RitaVPN, you don’t have to worry about your online security and privacy.

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