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Have You Received 800-692-7753 Phone Call Scams?

Internet phone scams happen all the time, and there are many ways to get scammed. Many iPhone users have reported receiving a call from Apple Inc. with the phone number 800-692-7753. Can I pick it up? Is it fraud? If you or a friend has encountered a similar situation, please read on. Is the call I received from 800-692-753 a scam? Yes, it is absolutely 100% a scam call. The best way to handle this is to simply hang up the call. What you need to remember is that Apple...

402-935-7733 Paypal Charge Message – What Does it Mean

What is 402-935-7733 on my credit card or bank account? Does it a scam number? There should be many people who have seen this phone number, and it is usually accompanied by a consumption record. Contents: Messages about 402-935-7733 PayPal ChargesWhat is the Phone Number 402-935-7733 and Where Can You Find it?Why is the Number 402-935-7733 Showing on My Bank Statement or Credit Card Transactions?How to Fix the Suspected Fraudulent Charge - 402-935-7733?Conclusion: Messages about 402-935-7733 Paypal Charges Different people receive different information from this phone number. The following descriptions...