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How to Fix Coprocessor Not Installed Error on Windows 10/11

Many people reported that when they opened device manager, but to find the Coprocessor driver was under the Other devices with a yellow mark next to it on Windows 10. The minute they right-click the Coprocessor to turn on the Properties of Coprocessor, the driver status showed them the Coprocessor was having the code error 28 in device manager. Though the Coprocessor driver not installed or missing issue is one of the commonest unknown device problem on Windows 7/8/10, people hardly know about what the Coprocessor is. So learn more...
Windows Errors

How to Fix Windows Hello Preventing Some Options from Being Shown

Windows Hello provides a more personal way for you to sign in to Windows 10 devices with just a look or a touch, and you will get enterprise-grade security without having to type in a password. So, Windows Hello seems like a very handy thing for many PC users. However, some are facing a problem that the Windows Hello stops working all of a sudden, and getting a message in red "windows hello is preventing some options from being shown" if you are struggling with the same issue, do not worry, this...
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