Download Standard SATA AHCI Controller Drivers Windows 10

It is reported that on Windows 10, there always exists a SATA AHCI controller driver compatibility problem. After updating to Windows 10, your Windows 7 SATA AHCI controller driver can no longer be compatible with Windows 10. And this driver problem shows itself from sleeping to shutting down or restarting.

For the purpose of solving this Standard SATA AHCI Controller Windows 10 driver missing by way of updating its driver, have you mastered the concept of Standard SATA AHCI controller?


What is Standard SATA AHCI Controller?

As the abbreviation of Advanced Host Controller Interface, AHCI is a hardware mechanism defined by Intel to specify the Serial ATA (SATA) host bus adapter and is designed to provide a standardized way to detect, configure and programme SATA/AHCI adapters.

You need to figure out several confusing concepts related to AHCI.

What Are the Differences Between AHCI and IDE?

It is a long time confusion that people always mistake AHCI for IDE (short for Integrated Drive Electronics), which is the storage interface. Both of AHCI and IDE are the modes in which a hard drive communicates with Windows 10, 7, 8 by SATA controller driver.

However, compared with IDE, AHCI runs faster and possesses with more advantages, such as hot-plugging and native command queuing. To put it in simple words, IDE is the best for the older operating system, whereas AHCI is designed for Windows 10.

But a well-known demerit of AHCI is its incompatibility. So this is why here you are supposed to download or update Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver for Windows 10.

What Are the Differences Between SATA and AHCI?

SATA refers to Serial ATA interface which can operate on AHCI and IDE and performs at high data speed. For one thing, AHCI adds more functionalities such as hot plugging and NCQ to SATA also used for storage media.

For another thing, AHCI is new programming standard defining a new mode for SATA. But besides AHCI mode, there are other modes for SATA, such as IDE and RAID mode.

What Does the IDE, AHCI and RAID Mode Mean for SATA?

These three modes denote different meanings for SATA in BIOS settings.

IDE mode: applied in previous windows system without hot plugging and NCQ capabilities. Usually for Parallel ATA (PATA) era hard disks.

AHCI mode: for Windows 10 with new features providing for SATA.

RAID mode: a storage technology shifting multiple tasks to a single unit can be divided into RAID 0 to 6 according to different disk drives.

Update Standard AHCI Controller Driver on Windows 10

Now that you have learned about what AHCI is, to fix the Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver issue or to simply update its AHCI controller driver, you are capable of using several different ways to download the latest AHCI controller drivers for Windows 10.

Download Standard AHCI Controller Driver via Device Manager

1. Go to Device Manager.

2. Aim at and expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller and right click the Standard SATA AHCI Controller to Update driver.

update standard sata ahci controller driver

3. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

4. Windows 10 searches for the updated driver on your PC and online.

search online for drivers

After that, you will have downloaded and installed the best and latest Standard SATA AHCI controller driver for Windows 10. And this AHCI driver incompatibility issue can also disappear from your computer.

Download Standard SATA AHCI Controller Driver Automatically

Driver Booster can be a perfect tool for you if you feel like to download or update Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver for Windows 10. It is safe enough to get the latest AHCI drivers to solve the Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver problems.

Download Driver Booster and installed it on your PC, you can run it to help you update the Windows 10 AHCI controller drivers.

1. Hit Scan. Driver Booster is authorized to search for your PC of the outdated or corrupted driver.

driver booster scan now

2. Select IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, and click Update button.

driver booster update ide ata atapi controller driver

Or you can select all outdated driver and click Update Now to get all the outdated drivers to be downloaded or updated on Windows 10.

driver booster update all drivers

At this point, you will have gained the ways to download or update Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver for Windows 10 and also something like the differences between IDE and AHCI, including their merits and demerits on Windows 10.

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