Vulkan RunTime Libraries – What it is and What it is used for

Most users are informed of the presence of Vulkan RunTime Libraries accidentally. Usually, they find the Vulkan RunTime Libraries (version) under Apps & Features in Windows Settings.


What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries?

What can Vulkan RunTime Libraries be used for?

Should You Remove Vulkan RunTime Libraries?

How to Uninstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries?

How to Download Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

It is confusing and worrying that this Vulkan RunTime Libraries would appear on Windows 10 without asking for your permissions.

Hence, now it is the time that you knew more about the details about Vulkan RunTime Libraries, such as what it is and what it can be used for. Before you get deeper about Vulkan RunTime Libraries, you should bear in mind that the Vulkan RunTime Libraries is not a malware or virus.

And if you fail to find or you are not so sure about if there is a Vulkan Run Time Libraries on Windows 10, you can go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features to have a check.

What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries?

Also named Vulkan Run Time Libraries or Vulkan RT, Vulkan RunTime Libraries is an affiliate tool for video cards such as NVIDIA graphics card and Intel or AMD card to improve the performance for gaming or video, which is to say, the Vulkan RunTime Libraries published by Khronos Group Inc is installed on your computer with video cards.

To make it understood in a better way, Vulkan RunTime Libraries is the latest version of OpenGL and is something just like DirectX which is a collection of Application Programming Interface (API) for performing actions with regard to Multimedia, among these actions, the most common ones are gaming programming and video.

What can Vulkan RunTime Libraries be used for?

As it has been mentioned above, Vulkan RT is a necessity for some games such as Star Citizen, Dota 2, CryEngine if you feel like playing games in improved performance.

Though for some programs, you won’t find any difference if you uninstall Vulkan RunTime Libraries on Windows 10, for other software or programs requiring Vulkan RunTime Libraries, you would feel it rather frustrating to perform in low quality without Vulkan RunTime Libraries.

In this way, it may be also hopeful for you to install Vulkan RunTime Libraries on Windows 10 if there is not any.

Should You Remove Vulkan RunTime Libraries?

Generally speaking, People will be concerned about the security issues of Vulkan RunTime Libraries since it is usually installed on your PC without any indicator or permissions. And many users always asked: “Do I need this Vulkan Run Time Libraries on Windows 10 or Windows 8”?

You may wonder why any other programs installed make you informed other than this Vulkan RunTime Libraries. Is there any threat to it?

The answer is NO. It is not a malware or virus just as you have imagined. And for most cases, you may as well remind it as it is on Windows 10. The reasons are as below.

1. Vulkan RunTime Libraries can be used to improve performance for some tasks on Windows 10, such as gaming programming. And it supports games including Quake, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Doom Eternal, Dota 2, etc.

2. Vulkan Run Time Libraries is installed alongside with your NVIDIA or AMD or Intel or any other graphics card drivers. And it is the latest version of the graphics driver. So if you choose to uninstall it from your PC, the video card may occur to unknown issues.

3. Various Operating environments, such as Windows, third-party software or program and Android can also be available when using Vulkan RunTime Libraries.

4. Vulkan RunTime Libraries can relieve heavy load for Windows 10.

How to Uninstall Rulkan Run Time Libraries?

Though Rulkan Run Time Libraries can facilitate games or other related programs, it is not without possibility that you are determined to get rid of it as you have no likings to play games again.

Or in some cases, you find there are more than one RulkanRT Libraries, such as Rulkan Runtime Libraries, 1.037.0,, etc. You need to delete one or some of them in case of high space or CPU usage by it.

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall the Rulkan Runtime Libraries.

uninstall steam in programs and features

How to Download Vulkan Run Time Libraries?

You can’t get this Vulkan Runtime Libraries unless you install a new graphics card and then download or update the graphics driver for your AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Arm, Broadcom, Imagination graphics card, etc.

If you do wish to download VulkanRT for Windows 10, now get ready to update your display driver. To save your time and energy, here it is advised to take advantage of Driver Booster to download the up-to-date video card driver, like AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel driver, so as to install Vulkan RunTime Libraries.

1.Download Driver Booster on Windows 10.

2. After installing and running it, click Scan to let it search for the outdated driver.

driver booster scan now

3. Locate Display adapters and then determine to Update the graphics driver.

driver booster nvidia drivers

In this sense, RulkanRT can also be downloaded for Windows 10, such as Rulkan Run Time libraries  If you are patient and skillful enough, it is also available to navigate to the official site of your graphcis card to see if there are any packages of Vulkan RunTime Libraries, for instance, you can bound for NVIDIA site to search for Rulkan Runtime Libraries.

In a word, think twice before trying to deleting the Rulkan Run Time libraries.

At this moment, you will have mastered basic information of Vulkan Ru Time Libraries. It is so familiar to you that what the Vulkan RunTime Libraries is, what its purpose is and what its advantages are on your PC.

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