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Windows 10 God Mode: What is and How to


Windows 10 God Mode Overview

When you would like to approach all the tools and settings on Windows systems easily and quickly, it is feasible that you activate the Windows Master Control Panel (or the so-called God Mode by bloggers) and use it for the sake of convenience.

This is a feature hidden in the folder, which accounts for why many of you have never opened this mode, let alone set up it for Windows 10.

Get down to knowing more about this Windows God Mode, such as what you can do with it on Windows operating systems.

What is the God Mode?

This God Mode, often means the Windows Master Control Panel, is a short-cut used to allow users to access to almost all settings on Windows Vista to Windows 10.

With a newly created folder along with the extension {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, Windows users have the qualifications to get to any Control Panel settings within this single folder.

And you can name this folder God Mode or anything else you wish.

Now, why not try to enable Windows God Mode and make full use of it on Windows 10?

How to Activate the God Mode on Windows 10?

Now that you have well mastered the usage of the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut or the God Mode, attempt to follow the steps below to unlock or turn on it. Under this circumstance, you are enabled to use the God Mode for all settings on Windows 10.

1. Right click the Desktop to create a New Folder. It is a prerequisite that you sign in Windows 10 as administrator.

create a new folder on desktop

2. Rename the folder as GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Then you can see the folder turn to a Control Panel folder on the Desktop.

name the folder as godmode ed7ba470

Here you can change GodMode in the folder name to anything else you like.

3. Double click the God Mode folder to open it and you can see there are considerable settings under Quick access, such as Administrative Tools, AutoPlay, and Backup and Restore.

administrative tools in god mode folder

At the time you have enabled or activated the God Mode for Windows 10, you are free to access whichever settings you feel like getting into via this Windows Master Control Panel.

It is said that the Godmode is not always good for anyone using Windows operating systems, as there is nothing new in it that can bring you benefits. You are capable of approaching the tools or settings from elsewhere on Windows 10 besides this God Mode.

Above all, if you would better use the Godmode — the folder for quick access to Windows 10 various settings, you can refer to this post.

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