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DVD Drive Cannot Read Discs for Windows 10

It is often asked that what we should do when our DVD cannot read discs for Windows 10. In general, this DVD problem is either hardware issues or software problems. So for ourselves, we should at first check the following items:

1. Make sure the discs type is compatible with the computer playing it by checking if it is CD-R, DVD+R, etc.

2. Make sure your DVD drive is well by using some software DVD or gaming DVD disc to test.

After all the checking, if you still have not solved the problem that the DVD cannot read discs, you can turn to the methods below.


1: Update DVD/CD drivers

2: Update IDE ATA Drivers

3: Read a Disc for Command Prompt

4: Troubleshooting the DVD/CD drive

Solution 1: Update DVD/CD drivers

If you have just upgraded your computer from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, it seems that the drivers cannot be compatible with Windows 10, so it is necessary for you to try to update DVD driver to resolve DVD not be able to read discs. And there are the steps you need here: how to update CD/DVD Drive Driver for Windows 10.

Solution 2: Update IDE ATA Drivers

But sometimes, updating DVD/CD drive drivers cannot solve your DVD not read discs problem. So maybe you also need to update IDE ATA/ATAPI driver, for more details about it, you can refer to How to update IDE ATA/ATAPI driver for Windows 10.

For updating DVD drive or IDE ATA/ATAPI driver, you can also use the professional tool for driver — Driver Booster. You can at first download it from here:

And install and run it on your computer.

After that, Driver Booster will automatically Scan and Update drivers for you, including DVD drive and IDE ATA/ATAPI driver.

driver booster update all drivers

Solution 3: Read a Disc for Command Prompt

If you have tried all the ways above, but DVD drive still cannot read discs. You can try to use Command Prompt to check both the disc and the DVD drive.

Firstly, you should figure out the DVD drive letter of your computer. You can open this PC to see it.

Here you can see the DVD drive letter is E.

this pc dvd drive letter

Step 1: Search Command Prompt in the search box and then press Enter to open it.

Step2: Then type E: which is the DVD drive letter.

Step 3: Type Dir.

dvd drive letter

If your disc is good, here will lists the file directory.

This means the disc can be read by this way, so maybe is the DVD driver issue. Try to return solution 1 to update the driver again.

If your disc is bad, it will show “the device is not ready”.

So in this way, you can know whether your DVD drive is in good condition or not. But it still cannot help you to solve the problem that the DVD drive cannot read discs, you can try to use the next way.

Solution 4: Troubleshooting the DVD/CD drive

There is another tool for you to check what is wrong with DVD drive which causes it cannot read the discs for Windows 10. That is troubleshooting which is a tool accompanying with Windows 10, so it may be very fast to troubleshoot the DVD drive problem. Here is the way of use troubleshooting to fix DVD drive not read discs.

In a word, if you come across the problem that DVD cannot read discs for Windows 10, you can refer to the solutions above. It can successfully relieve your anxiety.

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