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How to Customize Taskbar on Windows 10

Want to show bigger icons on the taskbar? Unable to add the program, or folder to the taskbar? The taskbar is favored by many of you, especially on Windows 10, Cortana is added on the taskbar, making it foolproof to operate the software or hardware devices from the taskbar. But do you have any idea about how to make tweaks to the taskbar on Windows 10 according to your personal habits? In this post, it will mainly introduce to you on how to move the taskbar to the bottom, how...
windows settings

How to Add a Shortcut or Folder to Taskbar on Windows 10

It is a common sense that if the shortcut or file or program are on your desktop taskbar, it will be extremely handy for you to execute the most used apps. Whenever you would like to use the Apps, programs or files, click it on the taskbar, you are able to open and use it as you like. However, unlike adding a shortcut, if you are hoping to move non-application, such as a file onto taskbar on Windows 10, you may do the thing differing from what you do to...
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