Full Guide: Download and Update DYMO LabelWriter 450 Driver


Needless to say, the DYMO LabelWriter printer boasts its advantages over its counterparts, for instance, DYMO printers use direct thermal printing technology for high-quality labels without costly printer ink or toner and help prevent waste. That accounts for why dymo printers are highly popular worldwide, especially DYMO LabelWriter 450.

dymo labelwriter 450 driver

However, regardless of the functionality strengths of dymo printer, recently, users complain that DYMO LabelWriter printers stop working on Windows 10. To be specific, it has been suggested that dymo LabelWriter 450 failed to be detected by the PC, not to mention to work to print labels for clients.

To a large extent, as DYMO technology team suggested, the outdated, missing, or even damaged driver for dymo label writer 450 printer is the main culprit for dymo labelwriter problem. And in most cases, DYMO software like dymo labelwriter 450 software and Windows in-built driver tool are helpful to fix the DYMO driver errors on Windows 10.

How to Download DYMO LabelWriter 450 Driver on Windows and Mac?

If you are using other DYMO printers such as DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo and DYMO LabelWriter 4XL, the methods to update and install dymo 450 driver can also be used. In this regard, to improve the printer performance and fix DYMO labelwriter 450 printer problems, it is worth downloading the latest DYMO LabelWriter 450 driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, or even Mac.


Method 1: Download DYMO LabelWriter 450 Printer Driver Automatically

You can update dymo labelwriter 450 driver automatically via a professional tool that can search for, download, and install the most up-to-date driver for the DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer. In this case, there is no need for you to bother to find the latest driver for your DYMO printer.

And Driver Booster , the top one driver tool, is said to be efficient in helping automatically install dymo labelwriter 450 driver. Hence, you might as well try Driver Booster to keep all your drivers up-to-date, including DYMO drivers.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster.

2. Click Scan to allow Driver Booster to search for all the drivers on your PC.

driver booster scan

3. Find Print queues and then right click DYMO LabelWriter 450 to Update the dymo driver.

As you can observe, Driver Booster is searching for the latest DYMO LabelWriter 450 label printer driver for Windows 10, and it will download and install the DYMO driver for you. Of course, if needed, Driver Booster can also help you install dymo labelwriter 4XL or 450 turbo driver.

Method 2: Update DYMO LabelWriter 450 Driver via Device Manager

Normally, when you try to connect the dymo labelwriter 450 label printer to a laptop or Desktop, for instance, via USB or wirelessly, a dymo label printer driver will be installed by the system to ensure the printer works smoothly. While it is also common that DYMO LabelWriter doesn’t work on Windows 10, particularly after you updated Windows 10.

If so, you may as well rely on Windows Device Manager to update DYMO drivers to get DYMO Labelwriter 450 printer back to work. Similarly, if your DYMO printer is DYMO LabelWriter 4XL or DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo, the device manager can also help install updated drivers for you.

1. Get to Device Manager.

2. Find and expand Print queues and then right click DYMO LabelWriter 450 driver to Update driver.

update driver

3. Choose to Search automatically for the updated driver software.

Follow the on-screen instructions to allow Device Manager to install the DYMO labelwriter 450 driver on Windows 10, 8, 7. Once done, DYMO labelwriter 450 not printing may have been resolve and you can obtain DYMO labels as wished.

Method 3: Download DYMO LabelWriter 450 Driver Manually

For dymo labelwriter 450 Mac driver, as with dymo Windows drivers, they may also be offered by Mac systems. But you can also get dymo drivers from DYMO site where DYMO software downloads such as DYMO LabelWriter 450 software are accessible. Hence, chances are that some users prefer to update dymo labelwriter 450 driver or any other dymo drivers like dymo label writer 4xl and 450 turbo driver for Windows 10 or Mac. You can follow steps below to get the drivers manually from DYMO website.

1. Navigate to DYMO Support.

2. On this webpage, locate DYMO LabelWriter 450 and Windows 10 DYMO connect for Desktop 1.3.2.

Here you can also choose to download DYMO LabelWriter 450m Turbo, Twin Turbo, 450 Duo, and 4XL software for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac (by scrolling down this webpage).

dymo labelwriter 450 driver on dymo support
dymo labelwriter 450 driver for mac

For some DYMO models, driver packages are always available in DYMO software, so you need to download software such as DYMO label writer 450 software to obtain dymo labelwriter 450 driver.

3. Run the downloaded LabelWriter 450 software by double clicking the executable file you have downloaded from DYMO support.

4. Find DYMO LabelWriter 450 driver via the DYMO software.

 Within the DYMO software, you cannot only keep the DYMO printer drivers up-to-date but also manage the printer as you wish.

Bonus: How to Fix DYMO LabelWriter Not Working with Windows 10?

Unfortunately, in some cases, even if you tried to update the DYMO drivers, your DYMO LabelWriter 450 or 450 Turbo or 4XL refuses to work anyway. Therefore, you are supposed to try some solutions to fix the DYMO printer not working error. With deep research, it is found that the following solutions prove to be the most effective according to user feedback.

Solution 1: Run DYMO Printer in the Compatibility Mode

If the updated DYMO labelwriter drivers are unable to solve DYMO printer not printing problem, there is much need for you to try to run the printer in the compatibility mode in case it is caused by an incompatibility issue between the system and printer.

1. Right click the program of the DYMO label writer printer to access its Properties.

2. Under the Compatibility tab, hit Run this program in compatibility mode and then pick up an operating system like Windows 10.

In the compatibility mode, check whether Windows 10 can detect your DYMO printer and allow it to work properly.

Solution 2: Add a Printer Manually

Now that the DYMO LabelWriter 450 or 450 Turbo failed to be recognized by Windows 10 or Mac, it is understandable that you attempt to add the DYMO printer manually instead of letting it to be detected automatically by the system.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Devices.

2. Under Printers, click Add a printer.

add a printer on windows 10

3. The message “The printer that I want isn’t listed” pops up.

4. Choose to Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings.

5. Hit “Use an existing port” and then select your port name.

Select DYMO LabelWriter 450 (your DYMO model) to get it connected to the system.

Solution 3: Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

On Windows systems, embedded troubleshooters are available for users to troubleshoot various device issues, with no exception for DYMO label printer not recognized by Windows 10. So you can try to run the hardware and device troubleshooter to detect problems with the system or the printer and fix them as suggested by the troubleshooter.

1. Find out Start > Settings > Update & Security.

2. Under Troubleshoot, scroll down to pinpoint Hardware and Devices and then Run the troubleshooter.

hardware and device troubleshooter

Wait until this troubleshooter scan for the hardware and device issues like that of the DYMO label printer 450 or 450 Turbo or 4xl.

Follow the solutions provided by this troubleshooter to resolve the DYMO printer not responding error.

In a word, you can not only master different methods to download DYMO LabelWriter 450 driver for Windows and Mac but also effective solutions to solve DYMO printer problems with the help of this tutorial.

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