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LG Monitor Driver Overview

How to Download LG Monitor Drivers on Windows 10?

How to Fix LG Monitor Driver Not Working on Windows 10?

LG Monitor Driver Overview:

When your LG monitor won’t turn on or wake up on Windows 10, unless it is too old or physically broken, the culprit consists in the LG monitor driver on your PC. Perhaps it is incompatible, outdated, missing or even corrupted, making the monitor in device manage display as generic PnP monitor.

On another hand, for many users, after upgrading to Windows 10, LG monitor setup.exe file can’t run although it works well on Windows 8, 7. Even if you tried to use it in compatibility mode, LG screen won’t work at all.

Or many users hope to use the advanced LG monitor functionalities. Chances are that you need to update the LG drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP in order to get the most of the LG monitor, such as LG 32uk50t-w and LG 24mp59ht-p.

How to Update LG Monitor Drivers on Windows 10?

It is reported hard to find the correct LG monitor drivers for Windows 10. In this sense, whether you want to download the updated LG driver to fix LG monitor driver issues or to improve LG monitor functionalities, it is advisable that you refer to the ways below.


1: Update LG Monitor Drivers Automatically

2: Update LG Monitor Driver in Device Manager

3: Update LG Monitor Driver Manually

Method 1: Update LG Monitor Driver Automatically

Much as you tried, you are still unable to get the up-to-date LG drivers. Under this circumstance, you would better make full use of Driver Booster to automatically download the LG screen driver for you.

Driver Booster is the top one driver updater, which will find, download, and install all the drivers at one stop. Here if you feel like installing LG monitor drivers on Windows 10, you can try to use Driver Booster to scan for LG monitor condition and then update the LG drivers for LG onscreen control or LG split screen software.

1. Download Driver Booster on your PC. Then install and activate it quickly.

2. Stroke Scan to let Driver Booster search for the missing, outdated, and corrupted monitor drivers on Windows 10.

driver booster scan

3. In Driver Booster scanning result, pinpoint Monitors and then Update LG monitor driver.

Here perhaps you need to update LG Ultrawide drivers or drivers for 32uk50t-w.

Within minutes, Driver Booster will install LG monitor driver for Windows 10 and you can see LG monitor not turning on or working has lost in sight.

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Method 2: Update LG Monitor Drivers in Device Manager

It is also feasible to take advantage of Device Manager to find the right LG driver on Windows 10.

1. Navigate to Device Manager.

2. Expand Monitors and then right click the LG monitor driver to Update driver.

update driver

Then try to Search automatically for updated driver software.

If lucky, Device Manager here is able to download the latest LG Windows 10 drivers online. After that, check whether or not LG monitor not working has been fixed.

Method 3: Update LG Monitor Driver Manually

Supposing you are skillful enough to install LG drivers on your own, there is a high probability that you are capable of finding and downloading it from LG official site. It demands time and proficiency, so try ways above if you are not a veteran in computers.

1. Leave for LG official site.

2. On LG site, type in your LG monitor model and then hit the search icon next to it.

Here try to search the LG driver for LG UltraFine 4K UHD IPS monitor. Then select the specific model of the LG monitor category.

find software and driver on lg site

3. Then in the result, all the available software and drivers will be displayed and you can choose to hit the Download icon to download the LG drivers for Windows 10.

download lg monitor driver package

Apart for LG monitor drivers, you can also download LG PC Suite for Windows 10, LG United Mobile device driver, LG split screen software, LG on screen control software, LG Bridge, etc.

Once you got the right LG monitor drivers and LG split screen or Mobile device software, it can be foreseen that Windows 10 LG monitor can function well. But if the updated LG Windows drivers failed to fix LG monitor not detected, there is much need to fix this LG monitor driver compatibility issue.

How to Fix LG Monitor Driver Not Working on Windows 10?

The moment you noticed that your LG monitor has no response after you upgraded to Windows 10, and the LG monitor setup.exe file won’t run on your computer, it is high time that you removed this LG monitor driver issue. Follow up to eradicate this LG monitor driver not working on Windows 10 but working on Windows 8, 7.

1. In Device Manager, expand Monitors and then right click LG monitor to Update driver.

Here your LG monitor may be LG led 20en33, LG 34uc79g, LG 34um61, etc.

2. Then determine to Browse my computer for driver software.

3. In the following popup, choose to Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

4. Then hit Hard disk and Browse to find the.inf file (LG FULL HD.inf) in the folder where LG monitor driver setup.exe file locates.

Bear in mind that you are not to use the setup.exe file to install the LG driver but the .inf file. That will help fix LG monitor not working on Windows 10 after the upgrade or update. If you stumble upon LG monitor driver no .inf file found, try to recover it at first.

In a nutshell, it is wise for you to utilize the reliable tool Driver Booster to install LG Windows 10 monitor drivers. And even if there is LG monitor driver issue on Windows 10, you can get rid of it here.

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