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How to Find Intel Graphics Models When Downloading the Drivers

If your Intel graphic drivers need to update, and you have already knows the graphic model from device manager, you can download it from the manufacturer’s site. But after entering the Intel download center, they may cannot find their Intel graphic driver model. It only shows generation.

Here I will teach you how to find your Intel graphics generations in Intel Official site.

At first, you can click here to enter the Intel download center.

Then, drop-down the option of Select a product, choose Graphics Drivers.

select graphic drivers

After that, you will enter the graphic driver download center. Intel provides 8 generations graphics drivers for you to download.

available models

And if you are lack the knowledge of the Intel Graphic device, may you do not what option you need choosing. But the next list all the graphic devices here.

Graphics for 8th Generation Intel® Processors:

You can download the graphic drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.

Graphics for 7th Generation Intel® Processors:

Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650

Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640

Intel HD Graphics P630

Intel HD Graphics 630

Intel HD Graphics 620

Intel HD Graphics 615

Intel HD Graphics 610

Intel HD Graphics 505

Intel HD Graphics 500

Graphics for 6th Generation Intel® Processors:

Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580

Intel Iris Pro Graphics P580

Intel Iris Graphics 550

Intel Iris Graphics 540

Intel HD Graphics 530

Intel HD Graphics P530

Intel HD Graphics 520

Intel HD Graphics 515

Intel HD Graphics 510

Intel HD Graphics for 6th Generation Intel Processors

Graphics for 5th Generation Intel® Processors:

Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200

Intel Iris Graphics 6100

Intel HD Graphics 6000

Intel HD Graphics 5500

Intel HD Graphics 5300

Intel HD Graphics for 5th Generation Intel Processors

Graphics for 4th Generation Intel® Processors:

Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200

Intel Iris Graphics 5100

Intel HD Graphics 5000

Intel HD Graphics 4600

Intel HD Graphics 4400

Intel HD Graphics 4200

Intel HD Graphics for 4th Generation Intel Processors

Here we can see the popular Intel HD Graphics 4400 belongs to 4th generation Intel (R) processor. If you find this graphic card in device manager, you can choose the 4th generation to download the latest Windows 10 driver.

Graphics for 3th Generation Intel® Processors:

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Intel HD Graphics 2500

Here you can see the popular Intel HD Graphics 4000 belongs to 3th generation Intel (R) processor. It also supports Windows 10 drivers.

Graphics for 2th Generation Intel® Processors:

Intel HD Graphics 3000

Intel HD Graphics 2000

For the 2th generation Intel (R) processor, it does not supports Windows 10 system. It supports the Windows 8 system.

Other Graphics:

Intel HD Graphics for Intel Atom Processor Z3700 Series

Intel HD Graphics for Intel Celeron Processor N3000 Series

So this article will help you find the Intel graphic models easily and fast when you downloading the Intel graphic drivers from the official site.

And if you want to download and update Intel HD Graphics, you can get the solution from here: automatic update Intel HD graphic drivers for Windows 10.

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