Smart Gadget Shopping Tips Every Avid Gamer Should Know

With so many new gadgets being released all the time, such as Android gamepads or specialised gaming displays, avid gamers can feel torn around what to invest in.

The most important thing to remember is that even though your playing experience can be improved with smart gadgets, nothing should compromise your love for gaming. What this means is that despite the gadgets you own, your skills, online teammates, and the atmosphere when you play, should not come second to the pursuit of having the best or newest gadgets.

For avid gamers who might be at risk of overspending on gaming accessories and then have their passion for gaming dampened by their financials, take great care… Spending hundreds of dollars is a quick way to become resentful of this globally-celebrated hobby-turned-sport! In this article, we will share some tips to help you shop smart.

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1. Know what is worth buying

An avid gamer needs to know what is hot on the market and where gaming trends are heading. With countless companies offering new-similar gadgets, it is worth comparing prices of products which are catching your attention. Once these gadgets are on your wishlist, you can then continue shopping around online and in-store, becoming familiar with prices and what will work with your budget.

On the topic of knowing which gadgets you’d like to add to your wishlist, you must stay focused on items that will enhance your gaming experience. For instance, the latest feedback is indicating that investing in a gaming laptop, and even a gaming mouse, makes an enormous impact.

Enhancing your ease of play and quicker registering of your action input is especially important during multiplayer gaming. But, knowing what is worth buying is a great way to stay focused and spend within your limits.

2. Know what is not worth buying

When you’re narrowing down the selection of items that you want or are looking to add to your gear, it becomes important to do research and commit to learning more about what is not recommended for purchase.

Though individuals are naturally gripped by trendy, fashionable gadgets, this is not a smart way to go about shopping for gear. When we buy products that will not substantially add value to our experience, we can later resent our purchase and become easily frustrated.

For instance, despite the new Steam controller seeming futuristic and cool, there is talk that it isn’t any more effective than what you likely already have. Ask questions online and chat with your friends, remain curious, and don’t rush into buying something just because it looks cool.  

3. Subscribe to stay updated!

Through platforms like Reddit and Twitter, you can follow accounts and threads which will have relevant news about released gadgets and deals coming up to take advantage of. Reddit threads like /r/Games can be filtered to search for new gadgets, gaming accessories, and hot products that people are discussing. In these threads, you will likely be exposed to new sites or services which offer deals and specials.

Are you subscribed to gaming sites that offer rewards or points for your loyal subscription? Sites often feature new gadgets and with membership points or coupon codes, you may be in line for advanced releases or member discounts at sale time. Make sure to subscribe, stay updated, keep your ears on the ground with what’s new and what could add value to your gaming set-up.

gaming laptop

4. Buy second-hand or refurbished

If you aren’t having luck buying with discounts, on sale, or through a rewards programme, it’s a great idea to look for second-hand items. Adding to your gaming gear doesn’t necessarily mean that your gadgets are brand new, and second-hand purchases are much more affordable! Giving gadgets a second life too makes this option sustainable too.

Additionally, buying second-hand gives you access to check out a broad range of gadgets you might never have been exposed to in shops only selling new items. This means you might find a gadget that suits your gaming needs or style much better than what you had in mind prior.

Another recommended route to shop smart for your gadgets is to buy refurbished! Some people prefer refurbished over second-hand, saying that it is safer and more reliable than buying previously-owned. Products are refurbished when they are returned to the manufacturer, due to a damaged box or compromised packaging, or because the customer wants to return the gadget.

Carefully assess that the products are in great condition. Fortunately, companies scrutinise for defects, offer new warranties, and repackage the items – and often sell for much cheaper than second-hand items. Utilising some of the tips mentioned above is a great way to reduce your gaming costs, allowing you to save even more money for the hot-in-demand gadgets you want!

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