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What does UWU Mean (2023 Update)

UWU – First Glance:

Uwu, an internet slang, means “Happy Anime Face”, an emotion depicting a cute face.

what does uwu mean

Further Exploration:

Some people would see an online popular word uwu on social media. But for some of you, especially those older people, you have no idea about what uwu means and whether you can use it.

So this article strives to explain the definition and use of uwu in details.

What Does UWU Mean?

In fact, uwu is an emotion anime as it is not an abbreviation for some words nor representative of some facts. To be specific, uwu is a Happy Anime Face, which delivers the happiness, warm, and appreciation.

And more often than not, uwu is widely in the same way as the happy meme owo is used. For some people, maybe what you have seen is not uwu or owo but their variations like OwO, OwU, and UwU.


Moreover, according to user reports, it is found that uwu Korean meaning is frequently asked. You need to know that uwu in Korea means a sense of quirky happiness or even smugness.

Apart from that, there are even companies named UWU for meme creation.

Examples of uwu:

Example 1:

User 1: Congratulations! You have won the game.

User 2: an uwu face.

In this conversation, what user 2 replies is not the word uwu but an emotion face uwu as the picture above shows.

Example 2:

mark hamill uwu

In reply to the fan requests, the famous American actor and writer Mark Hamill has posted on his Twitter account “what does UWU mean” and then he showed a picture about this internet acronym, which is the logo of McDonald’s.

That evokes laughter of his fans as his fans actually want him to mimic the happy face of uwu.

Who uses uwu?

Online users in fan art and fan culture are passionate lovers of uwu. And people tend to add uwu, the emotional face to the final part of a sentence to convey their feelings of happiness, excitement, etc.

How to Use UWU?

Normally, so long as you want to show your happiness or appreciation about something, you can use uwu. For instance, uwu on K-pop random posts or twitter or Tumblr.

Beyond that, uwu can express the extreme happiness that cannot be delivered by words. Or sometimes, it is available for you to use uwu anime or meme to depict your happiness.

But it is worth noting that in Korean uwu, this anime means quirky happiness, so you should think twice when using it in Korea.

All in all, with the help of this tutorial, you can master the meaning and uses of uwu. And another meme owo is also introduced to you.

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