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What Does MPREG Mean (2023 Update)

MPREG Mean – First Glance:

Mpreg, a slang, stands for “male pregnancy”, often used in fan fictional works like art, movie, and paintings.

what does mpreg mean

Mpreg is not a common internet slang for most of you. But if you did see it, either on social media websites like Facebook or in texting, it may mean that you are in favor of fan fiction.

Or the online community you are in advocate such a fan fictional art. Anyway, for more details about this acronym, you might as well move on.

What is the Meaning of MPREG?

The full name of mpreg is “male pregnancy”. As you can see, this is almost an impossible phenomenon, so mpreg-related form of art is often called mpreg Deviantart.

And this jargon is mostly used in fan fictional art like writing and art.

And more often than not, “mpreg” fiction shows that the couple who are pregnant are both males rather than a male and a female. That is why many people ask “is mpreg possible”. Of course, for now, it may be possible.

Example of mpreg:

User 1: Have you ever read the mperg fiction before?

User 2: No, I’m not interested in such a type of fiction at all. I cannot stand it.

In this example, User 1 conveyed that the discussed fiction involves plots about “male pregnancy”, so as a reply, User 2 said that he or she have not seen it before as he or she could accept that.

What is the Origin of mpreg?

It remains a mystery about how the slang mpreg comes out and is used among a special group of the population who show interested in this kind of fiction or art.

But it is said that mpreg has been used in ancient times, especially the myths and legends.


Given the meaning of mpreg, it is suggestible to think twice when using it as many people have no idea about it, or it may cause insults to some people.

In short, this article detailed the definition, uses, and examples of mpreg, an internet slang. It is hoped that it may be helpful for you.

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