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What does DFTBA mean?

DFTBA mean-first glance

DFTBA is a popular acronym that refers to “Don’t forget to be awesome”. Many people add it at the end of an informal message to encourage others to be cool.

what does dftba mean

What is the meaning of DFTBA?

The meaning of DFTBA is quite simple. It is a reminder to people to remember to be full of awesomeness. As a positive and inspiring motto, this phrase has gained large popularity since 2007.

Furthermore, the popularity of DFTBA supported the rise of peripheral products or services. For instance, you may see DFTBA coffee, calendar, socks, and shirt.

How to use DFTBA?

Since it is internet slang that has been included in Urban Dictionary, DFTBA is mostly used on social media.

On many social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can use it by putting it at the end of your posts or comments to invigorate others. It could be a nice way to close your words.

In addition, if you are a member of the community “Nerdfighters”, you are bound to use and popularize this term. That’s because DFTBA is created by Hank and John Green who started the YouTube channel “Vlogbrothers”. Nerdfighters is their fanbase and holds DFTBA as a mantra.

However, there is no credible evidence to support the statement that Queen Elizabeth I coined DFTBA. Such a claim has been determined to be a lie. So you can’t spread incorrect information about DFTBA.

Other meanings of DFTBA

The most familiar meaning of DFTBA is “Don’t forget to be awesome.” However, there are still some other uncommon meanings of this phrase. In this part, we will introduce 4 unusual meanings of DFTBA.

The first one is “Don’t forget that brains attract”. This meaning intends to stress the importance of brains. It can be understood as a reminder to people to focus on the improvement of intelligence.

The second one is “Dinosaurs failed to beat asteroids”. Since the issue of the extinction of dinosaurs has aroused a heated discussion for a long time, many interesting explanations have emerged. This meaning is one of them.

The third one is “Darling, fetch the battle axe”. This meaning serves as an appeal to action of fighting or a personal expression of personality.

The last one is “Dark forests take bravery away”. In this interpretation, it implies that challenging situations will weaken someone’s bravery.

Examples of DFTBA in use

 Example 1: “Thanks for your cooperation and DFTBA!”

In this example, this message could be sent from your co-worker. It ends typically with a DFTBA to remind you to maintain enthusiasm.

Example 2: “Everything will be OK. DFTBA.”

This comment intends to comfort the poster and motivate people going through a tough time by using DFTBA.

All in all, DFTBA is a positive abbreviation. It is similar to YOLO (“You only live Once”) and FOMO (“Fear of missing out”). All of them show a carefree attitude and encourage people to live in the moment. By using these acronyms with others, you can also comfort yourself.

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