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TID: What Does it Mean and How to Use it

TID – First Glance:

On social media or in text messages, TID means “ter in die”, which is a Latin word standing for “three times a day” in English and often used in medical.

what does tid mean

Have you ever seen TID in texting or social sharing websites? Do you know what the full name of TID is? If you have any doubts about the internet abbreviation TID, you can refer to the following information about it.

What is the Meaning of TID?

In Latin, TID refers to “ter in die”. While in English, TID or tid means “three times a day”, a medical term used to inform the patients of the interval time to take the medicine.

And in most cases, the doctor will tell the patients how many times they need to take the medicine per day.

Example of TID:

Texter 1: Remember to take the medicine TID.

Texter 2: OK, thank you, doctor.

In this example, texter 1 is probably a doctor and he or she tells texter 2, the patient, that the medicine should be taken three times a day. In this way, TID is used on prescription.

b.i.d meaning  

BID or bid refers “bis in die” in Latin and “twice a day” in English. Similarly to TID, BID is also a medical term used to show the patient how many times the patient should take the medicine.

q.i.d. meaning

The full name of QID or qid is “quater a day” in Latin and “four times a day” in English. And it is also applied in medicine or pharmacy.

What are the Other Definitions of TID?

Normally, the internet slang ‘tid” stands for “three times a day”.

But it has other meanings in different cases, so you may as well determine the meaning of tid according to the circumstance where you use it.

TID in texting:

In texting, the abbreviation TID may be defined as “three times a day”, meaning 3 times daily. But it can also refer to “take it down”.

TID PRN meaning:

When accompanied by PRN, TID PRN stands for “three times a day as needed”, which implies that when necessary, take the medicine three times daily.

In other fields, for instance, TID in business, education, and so on, although this acronym shares the same meaning as it is in medical prescription, it may denote different senses.

For example, TID in business with a meaning of “three times a day” may imply that the worker should check the machine three times a day.

All in all, with this article, you can learn the definition or full name of TID or tid. Overall speaking, TID is a Latin word that is often used in medicine or clinic.

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