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What Does NBD Stand for (2023 Update)

NBD Mean – First Glance:

NBD means “no big deal”, usually used on social media or texting to show that something is no significant and can be discussed later.

what does nbd mean

What is the meaning of NBD online? Many of you cannot get the meaning when someone sends you a message with nbd if you are not so active on social media or aren’t accustomed to using internet acronyms or abbreviations.

And in some specific conditions or fields, the definition of nbd may differ, so you might as well follow on the check more details about nbd.

What Does NBD Mean?

As an internet abbreviation, NBD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. refers to “no big deal”. And it can be used as a single reply to someone else when you do not want to talk about something as it seems nothing important about it.

Or you can use it within a sentence to imply the same meaning. While in some specific fields, the meaning of nbd may change to denote a specific term.

Other meanings of NBD:

1. NBD meaning in medical:

In medical, the full name of nbd is Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction, which is a category of Brain Nerves And Neurology. Or nbd in medical can also refer to No Brain Damage.

2. NBD clothing

In fashion or clothing, nbd is a clothing brand specialized in women’s clothes.

3. NBD meaning in skateboarding

In skateboarding, “nbd” means “never been done”, which shows that someone is the first time to do something.

Note: What is the meaning of “NB” on social media or in texting?

Interestingly enough, contrary to “NBD” meaning “no big deal” (nothing important), “nb” stands for “note well”, which is to reflect that something is important and worth special attention.

Examples of “NBD”:

Example 1:

User 1: What happened? Just tell me.

User 2: NBD!

In this example, obviously, User 1 is anxious to know what happened to User 2, while User 2 considered the thing isn’t important and there is no need to talk about it.

Example 2:

Texter 1: Have you ever tried skateboarding before?

Texter 2: No, TBD.

In this example, “tbd” in skateboarding is well displayed to show that someone has never done a thing before and this is the first experience.

In a word, internet acronyms like NBD, TBH, etc. are increasingly popular among social media users or texters, so you would better try to learn more about these online words.

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