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What Does OOF Mean (2023 Update)

OOF Mean – First Glance:

“Oof” stands for “out of office”, meaning that the person you are talking to, or want to talk to, is currently unavailable.

what does oof mean

Or another frequently used meaning of “oof” can be an internet slang to express discomfort, like that out of sudden exertion or a blow to one’s body.

What is the definition of oof? Why do people use “oof” on Facebook and other social media websites? You may often notice “oof” on social media or in the messages of someone else.

You need to know that “oof” is different from the common meaning of the preposition “oof”. To get more details about this internet acronym, just move on.

What Does OOF Mean?

On social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, normally, the full name of “oof” is “out of office”, which is to show that somebody is currently unavailable in the office.

On the other hand, sometimes, social media users may use “oof” in a different meaning, namely, a sigh of frustration or exclamation. In this way, “oof” can also generate a sense of what the phrase “oh, my god!” implies.

While, apart from the two most common meanings, there are other meanings of “oof” in specific fields or situations.

1. “Oof” meaning in Roblox (a global platform that brings people together through play)

In Roblox, “oof” means a kind of “oof” noise, or to be specific, the Roblox death sound.

2. oof magoof meaning (or oof off magoof)

That has become a habit for social media users to use two “oof” followed by a magoof.

Here it is worth mentioning that “magoof” refers to people who are demanding to others but unwilling to take their responsibilities. So oof magoof means a sense of arrogance.

Example of OOF:

User 1: Where is the boss?

User 2: OOF. Come to meet 2 hours later.

In this example, to reply to the question of user 1, user 2 answered “oof”, denoting that the boss was currently unavailable in the office. Perhaps he was out for business.

What is the Origin of “Oof”?

For the internet acronym “oof”, its full name of “out of oofice” is widely used as social media gains popularity.

While in terms of “oof” meaning the “Roblox death sound”, namely, a kind of noise, it comes from the end of a game called Messiah, which came out in 2000. A Twitter user named Buur first pointed out the similarity between the noise and “oof”.

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Here in this post, you can know what the definition of oof is and how you can use this internet abbreviation on Snapchat and other social media websites or in texting.

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