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Fix Code 28 error on Windows 10: The Drivers for This Device Are not installed

Code error 28 is a device manager error code, it mainly occurs to sound card, video card or USB devices, but it may also happen to Ethernet Controller or Bluetooth on Windows 7/8/10 either 32 or 64 bit. Once it appeared on your PC, you will find that the Video Controller, Realtek HD audio, USB device or many other devices in device manager show that the drivers for this device are not installed.

To make matter worse, it is possible that your computer occasionally freezes for a short time, or that Windows 10 responds to the mouse or keyboard slowly. All of these will enormously affect your computer use.

What is more, code error 28 is virtually a driver issue which can be seen for the error message above, for most cases, it may be due to the missing, corrupted or the outdated drivers, so on the basis of all the facts about this device manager error, this tutorial will focus on telling you how to fix the code 28 error in terms of device driver issues which result in the drivers for this device are not installed.


1: Uninstall and Reinstall the Device Driver

2: Update the Device Driver

Solution 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the Device Driver

As it can conclude from the code error 28 messages: The drivers for this device are not installed, it is easy to know to figure out that error, you can at the very beginning try to uninstall and reinstall the device driver.

Here choose to uninstall Base system device for a reference.

1: Enter Device Manager.

2: Navigate to Other Devices and right click it to expand it.

3: Under Other Devices, locate Base system device and right click it to Uninstall it.


Then you can see that Windows 10 will search for your computer for the latest Base System Device driver for you.

4: Restart the computer. It is for the purpose of making Windows 10 reinstall the online drivers for you.

But in most cases, you will find that Windows 10 cannot help you find the compatible or latest Base System Device or any other device driver, so under this circumstance, you can go to the official site to search for the right device driver, thus fixing the code error 28: the drivers for the device are not installed.

Solution 2: Update the Device Driver

As it is mentioned above, the code 28 error is a driver issue, therefore, in a large sense, you can try to download or update such problematic device drivers as VGA Controller, Realtek HD audio, or USB devices drivers for Windows 10.

To fix the code 28 error in the quickest way, you are advised to download or update the device driver via Driver Booster.

Driver Booster is a safe and professional driver downloading and updating tool, with the help of it, you can update the Video Controller or Realtek HD audio drivers in several minutes within three clicks. In this way, Driver Booster is also a perfect tool to fix the code 28 error.

Firstly, Download, install and run Driver Booster on your computer.

1: Scan. As long as you click it, Driver Booster will automatically scan your PC for the missing or outdated or corrupted drivers, so it can find out the Base system device driver is having a driver issue.

driver booster scan now

2: Update or Update Now. Find the outdated driver or missing drivers, click Update button or Update Now button to download and update the driver.

driver booster update all drivers

Then you will it very easy to fix code 28 error that the drivers for the device are not installed issue by updating the device drivers, such as Base system device drivers.

In a word, as one of the device manager code errors, the code error 28 might have hung over you for a long time, in this way, it will be very wise of you to refer to this tutorial for the detailed and efficient solutions to fix this code 28 error: The drivers for this device are not installed.

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