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How to Get PS4 out of Safe Mode Easily and Quickly

Is your PS4 stuck in safe mode? Recently, it is frequently reported that users can’t stop PlayStation 4 from starting up in safe mode. You just failed to exit safe mode after you try troubleshooting issues with safe mode in PS4, for instance, fixing PS4 not turning on or PS4 not connecting to the internet. It is frustrating to get stuck in PS4 safe mode.

get ps4 out of safe mode

Therefore, you may as well follow up to consult powerful methods to get your PS4 out of safe mode, or simply, turn off safe mode on PS4. And if necessary, it is also available for you to learn more about PS4 safe mode, such as what it means and how to put PS4 in safe mode.


Why is my PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode?

Normally, users won’t hit upon this issue. But when your cord on PlayStation 4 is loose or the console is outdated, PS4 safe mode loop may come up. Or if some users just have no clue how to put PS4 out of safe mode, it is also natural that you can’t take a PlayStation 4 out of safe mode.

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How to Get PS4 out of Safe Mode?

As mentioned, the PS4 safe mode loop shows up lies either in that you don’t know the right ways to get PS4 out of safe mode or that there are problems with your PlayStation 4. Hence, no matter you simply wish to know how to turn off PS4 safe mode or your PS4 is stuck in safe mode and isn’t working, it is worth trying the solutions below to fix PS4 stuck in safe mode error.


Solution 1: Restart PS4

Sometimes, a restart may help you fix many issues. Here, if the PS4 safe mode loop persists, you may as well restart your PlayStation 4.

1. Connect a controller to PS4 via a USB cable.

2. Then in the PS4 Safe Mode menu, hit Restart PS4.

get ps4 out of safe mode

Now, you can see your PS4 is out of safe mode and in the normal mode.

Solution 2: Check PS4 Cables

If there is something wrong with your PS4 cables, PS4 stuck in safe mode will appear. So you need to make sure the cables are working well on PS4. To check PS4 cables, you need to:

1. Try to connect the USB/power/HDMI cables to other ports to see if they work.

2. Plug out the power cable for 10 or more minutes and then plug it in again.

For some users, if you hope to get PS4 out of safe mode without USB cable, you can move on.


Solution 3: Initialize PS4

This option is available in PS4 safe mode settings, and it aims to reinstall system software for your PS4. But it is worth mentioning that initializing PS4 will clear all the data of PS4 and restore all the PS4 settings to the default ones, so you are supposed to back up the data before the initialization of the system software of PS4.

In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, select the option – Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).

initialize ps4

After that, you will notice that you have got PS4 out of safe mode. This time you won’t worry that why your PS4 gets into safe mode again and again.

Solution 4: Update PS4 System Software

Once you found that initializing PS4 is of no use, you can also try to update PS4 system software from the PS4 safe mode menu.

In PS4 Safe Mode Menu, choose to Update System Software.

update system software

Follow the instructions on PS4 to complete the PS4 updates.

Solution 5: Rebuild PS4 Files

If PS4 files or databases are corrupted, it is no wonder that PS4 starts in safe mode all the time without the initialization files. Therefore, you would better rebuild PS4 database. This solution is rather foolproof but it may take you some time to scan your PlayStation 4 and then rebuild a database that can be recognized and working well on PS4. So, be patient until the corrupted files are rebuilt.

In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, click Rebuild database.

rebuild database

Tips: Here, according to some users, it is also helpful to get PS4 out of safe mode by setting HDCP mode for PS4. So you can also try it. In doing so, the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) option will be enabled to encrypt the contents of an HDMI video stream coming from an HD video device.

Bonus tips:

Since some users have no idea what PS4 safe mode means and what changes would be made if you put PS4 in safe mode, you may also need to learn more about the safe mode on PS4. Based on that, you will be more capable of utilizing PS4 safe mode to fix PS4 problems like PS4 not connecting to WIFI or not turning on.

What is the PS4 Safe Mode?

Like safe mode on Windows systems, PS4 safe mode implies a mode in which only basic functions are activated. Therefore, it is good for PS4 problem troubleshooting. And that is also why some users tend to enter safe mode on PS4 to use the console.

For instance, if PS4 isn’t turning on and you are unable to use the PS4 console, you can put PS4 in safe mode to use the console as you wish in the safe mode. But, understandably, gamers can’t enjoy the advanced gaming experience in PS4 safe mode.

Note: It is also worthwhile to mention that getting PS4 in safe mode will sometimes cause data loss on PS4, so it is necessary to back up the data in a storage device before putting PS4 in safe mode.

How to Put Your PS4 in Safe Mode?

If you want to get PS4 in safe mode, you can follow the steps below until the PS4 safe mode menu shows up.

1. If your PS4 is on, press the Power button on PS4 to turn it off; if not, skip it and move to step 2.

power button of ps4

2. Press and hold the Power button until you hear the second beep from PS4.

Normally, when you hold the Power button all the time, you can hear the first beep immediately, and then after several seconds, the second beep will be made. Once you hear the second beep, release the power button.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the PS4 controller (DualShock 4) to PS4.

4. Then hit the PS button on the console.

ps button on ps4 console

5. You can see the PS4 Safe Mode menu.

It means that you put PS4 in safe mode. Provided that you hope to get PS4 out of safe mode, refer to the first part “How to get PS4 out of safe mode”. It will be helpful.

All in all, focusing on getting PS4 out of safe mode, this post has also covered what PS4 safe mode means and how you can get your PlayStation in safe mode to fix PS4 issues. In this way, there will be no more PS4 stuck in safe mode error. And you will also have a deeper understanding of PS4 and PS4 safe mode.

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