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As of March 2020, the global population of humans was estimated to have reached 7.8 billion. But, did you know over 4.5 billion people are active internet users? Typically, this is more than half of the global population. What’s more, the number of active websites is pushing 2 billion. Sounds exciting, right? All this traffic translates to a massive chunk of money if you have the best website idea.

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Additionally, you also need to understand how to capitalize on your idea. Unfortunately, there are too many types of websites to choose from. This makes it hard for beginners to filter through and come up with the perfect idea. Fortunately, this guide covers several website ideas for you to get inspired. Let’s dig in!

1. Portfolio Website

If you’re looking for jobs in the visual industry, it can take a lot of effort. Additionally, assembling a portfolio of your creative designs is tedious and time-consuming. If this sounds like you, you’d likely benefit from a portfolio website with an efficient directory plugin WordPress. These are easy to set up.

You can also customize the website to suit your preferred aesthetic or the theme of your work. Remember: this is all about showing the theme of your style. What’s more, you can update the site when you create new stuff.

2. Reviews Website

Thanks to the internet, you can gauge whether something is good or bad based on different users’ experiences. Today, many people look at online reviews before making a buying decision. This means building a review website is an excellent website idea.

A reviews website can use both user-generated and original content. With this, you can easily make money using affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and more. Ensure what you review is 100 percent genuine and meets the needs of your target audience.

3. An Influencer Website

Social media marketing is slowly becoming an essential aspect of businesses to reach prospects. If you’re a social media influencer, don’t take comfort in relying only on your social media pages; you also require your site.

You can use your website as a bridge between your different social media pages. This allows users to navigate between your Facebook and Twitter pages, YouTube channel, and Instagram page. You can also use your website to tell your personal story. This helps your followers to understand and get to know you better.

4. Humor Website

Does this sound funny? If it does, you should know being funny sells. If you choose a humor website, try and create a niche that appeals to a specific interest. There are many niches to choose from. From the political domain to everyday life to celebrities, you have many options on your table.

If you have a knack for entertaining people, this website idea will help you earn cash online. What’s more, you can attract other comedians and get them to post on your site.

5. Leadership Site

The biggest area of self-improvement is becoming a better leader. Today, many people are looking for advice to be outstanding leaders. You can use examples from everyday life and blend them with tried and tested methods to build a leadership blog. Tailor your product towards information.

Your pitch should be the personal angle you put into becoming an excellent leader. Please use famous quotes, aphorisms, and proven techniques to help other people realize their leadership potential. Put dedication and persistence – of course; these are qualities of good leadership.

6. Recipe Ideas Website

cook website

Today more than ever, many people have taken an interest in learning how to cook tasty meals. You don’t need to look further to see this: TV cook shows are mushrooming everywhere. Do you see a trend here? This is where a recipe and food blog site comes in.

If you’re always trying new dishes or consider yourself a pro in a particular cuisine, you can earn some money by sharing your recipe ideas online. You can even make it a community space where people share their favorite recipe ideas.

7. Fitness Website

When the novel Coronavirus disease struck in March, most people were stuck in their homes. Quickly afterward, there was a global trend of people posting workout challenges on social media platforms. How about you consider building a health and fitness website? You can sell your services as a trainer or a coach or even share workout videos. Take your website idea further by having a fitness app.

When it comes to website ideas and what you can try, the sky’s the limit. There are dozens of ideas out there waiting to be tapped on, and this is where you come in. Over half of the world’s population is using the internet. This is a vast market space where you can push your ideas and sell your services. Whatever idea you choose, put time and effort into making it a success. Over to you!

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