Interesting Points and Speculations about the Development of Technology

Technology is evolving swiftly, altering our world and the way it operates. Every year, technology expands its presence and opens new horizons. That is, you can find technologies in education, business, medicine, agriculture, and many other fields. The topic of technology development is impressively broad. It will take years to explain how it developed and established in our lives.

development technology

Writing an essay about technology development should be accurate and straight to the point. You can’t simply write about tech advancement in general and hope to get the highest grade. “Can anyone do my assignment for me then?” you might ask. Indeed, many companies are already in the line to help you out. However, you can do that yourself quickly and effectively. This article aims to give you some inspirational points you can use to write your technology development paper.

Briefly About Technology

Many people associate technology with phones, tablets, and similar devices. Undoubtedly, that is true. But the concept of technology goes way beyond that. Technology is the incorporation of skills, methods, processes, and techniques used to produce various commodities, goods, and services. In other words, technology is a set of tools that allows people to produce different things, and they aren’t necessarily related to gadgets.

The concept of technology dates back to prehistoric times. Making fire and controlling it is an excellent example of technology beginnings and development. Creating a wheel, printing press, telephone, and the Internet – these are also excellent examples of technology advancement.

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Overall, technology emerged a long time ago, evolving itself and bringing outstanding results. No doubt it has plenty of opponents and advocates. Many people claim that the losses that technology brings are impossible to estimate. Others, in turn, state that the human race wouldn’t have survived without the tech progress.

Whatever stance you take, technology remains an exciting topic to write about in your essay. And the following points may well help you delve deeper into the topic.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing have had a tremendous impact on us. AI can process data without human interference. There is no need to involve dozens of people in various processes because AI can do that itself. Of course, it still needs further development and, above all, rigorous maintenance.

As Elon Musk once said, “We have to control AI because God knows what it can do behind our back.” AI is already used to optimize customer service and calendars and to streamline processes. And that is only a drop in the ocean of the things it can do in the future.

Another great point to write about is Natural Language Processing (NLP for short). Needless to say that we prefer talking more than writing. It takes less time to say something than to write it. NLP works with speech, analyzes the input, and provides an output. We are all aware of what Siri is.

Ten years ago, this assistant was not nearly close to what it can process right now. We can use several assistants these days (Alexa and Google Assistant). And no matter what platforms they belong to, they all rely on NLP.

5G Technology

5g technology

The advent of 4G was a pure godsend. Switching to it from 3G was a win-win for every user. The implementation of 5G will multiply those feelings! And it is not just a speed change. The Internet quality will be perfect, which will allow new business models to appear. Also, there will be no lags and freezes, and streams will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Indubitably, 5G will spread across the globe chaotically, making the developed countries to be the first to experience its benefits. Notwithstanding, it will surely bring lots of positive outcomes to every country, regardless of the time they utilize it. It is a great topic to write about in your essay. You can develop it and examine various takes concerning the implementation of 5G.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition may well spawn lots of completely different opinions. And people will be right. Many governments aim to take control of every citizen, tracking their locations and personal lives.

However, this technology also has numerous advantages and safety benefits. That is, at a consumer level, this technology ensures safe payment authentication. At the industry level, it helps prevent crime at bus and train stations and airports.

Facial recognition has become an integral part of every smartphone. This tendency spreads across many devices, allowing people to feel safe when using gadgets and walking on the streets.


Chatbots are a real game-changer for every business. Although this is a small part of the automation process, it helps reduce the turnaround time and boost sales in the long run. Moreover, chatbots take care of reducing the workload among employees and increasing their productivity. Chatbots appeared several years ago. However, they have proved their endless potential and room for development. They became a go-to for every company, no matter what it produces or offers.

Augmented Reality

With what is going on these days, remote learning is an indispensable part of today’s education. Students have been attending virtual classes since March 2020. Their learning outcomes are hard to overestimate. Lack of practice, low productivity, and stress make online studying challenging.

Augmented Reality is the technology that every school, college, or university should implement, especially these days. Augmentation enables students to have hands-on experience. AR allows us to see real-life pictures; this technology is essential when conducting classes and labs, explaining difficult concepts and notions, and many more.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was introduced a long time ago. It has come a long way and, as for now, VR allows various corporations to train employees and make them skillful, effective, and confident. For instance, law enforcement uses VR to teach people how to negotiate with criminals, interrogate people under arrest, take statements, etc. Of course, VR is also widely used in the entertainment industry, providing unforgettable emotions and effects.

Private Space Flight

If someone from the past heard that SpaceX had started a colonizing Mars campaign, they would have said it is ridiculous and insurmountable. But what the company has done is revolutionary. It is hard to believe that people are capable of doing that.

Nevertheless, private space flights are among the most vivid examples of how technology can boost if a well-funded private corporation has ideas it wants to fulfill. You can write about nearly anything your heart desires, starting from developing low-Earth-orbit spacecraft and communication technologies, and ending with delivering cargo and building dwellings for colonizers.

Summing Up

We experience technology development regularly. The tech progress is endless, and we will keep observing how our lives change under its influence. If you have to write about interesting points, this article enlists crucial steps in tech development. They are inspirational and contain plenty of information and opinions.

We hope this article helped you find out the topic for your essay. Should you have any questions regarding technologies, leave a response, and we will reach out back to you shortly.

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