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Windows 10 Home vs Pro vs Enterprise Overview

As it is known to all, there are mainly 7 versions of Windows 10, among which, Windows Home, Windows Pro, and Windows Enterprise are mostly used by users.

But people may often get confused about which Windows 10 version they should upgrade to?

They even question Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

To help you decide to download and install the right Windows 10 Version and Edition, this post would serve as a guide to Windows 10 version list.

Especially, in light of the requests from users, it will also mainly compare the differences between Windows Home, Windows Pro, and Windows Enterprise in terms of their individual functionalities and suitable cases.

Which Version of Windows 10 Do I Have?

Before you dive into the differences between Windows Home, Windows Pro and Windows Enterprise, you may need to check which version and edition your PC is running. On that occasion, you can pay more attention to the Windows 10 version you have, such as Windows Home.

1. Go to Start > Settings > System.

2. Under About, you can see Windows Edition, Version, and OS Build on your PC.

system about what version edition i am running n my pc

You can see your system information shows you Edition Windows 10 Home or Pro or Windows Enterprise and Windows 10 version 1709, 1703, 1609 or any other numbers.

While, in fact, if you would like to make research on Windows Home VS Windows Pro VS Windows Enterprise, it is more helpful to know the Windows 10 version list at first.

Difference – Windows 10 Home VS Windows 10 Pro VS Windows 10 Enterprise

Though you have learned about the different editions and versions of Windows 10, to choose Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise, you may have an answer in mind about you should upgrade to which Windows 10 version.

If you are still unsure which Windows 10 version you can get, Windows 10 Home or Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise, refer to the following chart to know more about which are the difference among them and which one is for you.

Difference Between Windows 10 Versions of Home & Pro & Enterprise

FunctionalitiesWindows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Enterprise
Hardware ArchitectureX86(32bit) or x64(64bit)X86(32bit) or x64(64bit)X86(32bit) or x64(64bit)
Maximum RAM128GB(64bit) or 4GB(32bit)512GB(64bit) or 4GB(32bit)512GB(64bit) or 4GB(32bit)
Remote DesktopOnly used as ClientBoth Client and ServerBoth Client and Server
BitLocker and EFS  √ √
Domain Join  √ √
Group Policy Management  √ √
Hyper-V Virtual Machine Supportive only on 64bitSupportive only on 64bit
Windows To Go   √
DirectAccess   √
Branch Cache   √
AppLocker   √
Device Guard   √
Secure Boot √ √ √
Windows Hello √ √ √
Cortana √ √ √
Start Menu √ √ √
Task Views √ √√ 
Touch Keyboard √ √ √
Multilingual Support √ √ √
Windows Update √ √ √
Windows Defender √ √ √
Microsoft Account √ √ √
Microsoft Edge √ √ √
Windows Store √ √ √
Xbox Live √ √ √
Exchange ActiveSync √ √√ 
Snap Assist √ √ √
VPN Support √ √ √
Device Encryption √ √ √
Windows Media Player √ √ √

How Many Different Versions of Windows 10 Are There?

If you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 but are puzzled about which edition and version of Windows 10 your PC can upgrade to, what you need to know about is the detailed information about Microsoft Windows 10 versions.

Only on the basis of that case can you decide whether to upgrade to Windows 10 Home or Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise.

As the last Windows system version according to the description of Microsoft, Windows 10 has been constantly updating itself and has released various versions as time pass by.

In virtue of the targeting consumers, the professional or common ones, and servicing devices, computer or mobile devices, Microsoft provides you with different Windows 10 version numbers.

Windows 10 Editions — Everything you need to know

Windows 10 Home: the most basic version for Windows 10, usually used by family or ordinary PC users. On Windows 10, the edition–Home can be equivalent to both Windows 7 General and Advanced Home. But Windows 10 Home gets rid of the unnecessary functions and modules on Windows 7 Home.

Windows 10 Pro: based on Windows Home, Windows Pro, suitable for most users, offers all the fundamental functionalities of Windows Update for Business. In this way, it can allow the medium and small enterprises to control the hardware devices, protect data and support long-distance more effectively.

Windows 10 Enterprise: famous for its Long Term Servicing Branches (LTSB) serving medium or large enterprises.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations: released in August 2017. It is the most advanced version of Windows 10 and most proper for PC with high-end hardware configuration.

Windows 10 Education: designed for schools.

Windows 10 Mobile: for Smartphone and small tablets.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: new management features allowing you to decide when and how to update the system, which is much appreciated among professionals.

Windows 10 LoT Core: for small hardware devices.

From another perspective, regarding Semi-annual Channel, Microsoft has released diversified versions of Windows 10 with different new features.

When you are talking about Windows 10 version numbers, in fact, you are discussing the Semi-annual Channel updates, such as Windows Creators UpdateWindows 10 1709, 1703, 1607, 1511 and 1507.

And in light of Microsoft, Windows 10 1709 is the strongly recommended one if you are interested in it or any other versions of Windows 10, just navigate to Microsoft site for more releasing details.

In a word, judging from the details about Windows Home VS Pro VS Enterprise, you can now safely say which version of Windows 10 you would like to upgrade to from Windows 7.

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