6 New Features for Microsoft Edge than Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is a new and lightweight browser which is released by Microsoft, it is the default browser for Windows 10. Comparing with the IE browser, the Microsoft Edge removes the old technology such as ActiveX and fully improved in the media playing, extensibility, and security, etc.

At the same time, it adds more functions such as the Cortana, web note and reading mode, it is a better choice when viewing online.

Which Are New Features Microsoft Edge Provides?

The Media Function

Microsoft Edge supports the Dolby Digital Plus sound effect, this will provides a higher seeing and hearing quality for the website. In addition, it also supports the video and audio playback remainder mark function.

When you enjoy the video or audio at the website which supports this function, the browser control will prompt to play it. You can choose to play it or not.

The Compatibility Function

The Microsoft Edge can compatible with almost all the websites in the world, this will provides a higher browsing experience. In order to improve the compatible function, Microsoft use the UA to make the browser looks like Chrome and Safari.

Of course, Microsoft add over 4200+ interactive operation, this will make all the webmasters focus on the website contents and without worrying about the web compatible problems.


Microsoft Edge does not support VML, VB Script, Toolbars, BHO and the ActiveX technology again. But you can add the extensions for the Microsoft Edge, and you can get it from the Windows Store.

Of course, you can modify the Chrome and Firefox extensions and add it to support Microsoft Edge. And here is an article about how to manage extensions on Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft Edge browser inherited the original security of the Internet Explorer 11. Especially, it belongs to the Modern program, runs into the application container, so it is more secure and reliable than desktop applications. And you can also use the SmartScreen in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Web Notes

The web notes is new added to Microsoft Edge, its function is similar to the OneNote. When users using the Microsoft Edge to browse, they can use the web notes function to mark anything on any web page, and you can save it to the favorites or reading lists.


Microsoft Edge integrates the Cortana, and you can using Cortana on the browser to search the words, maps, weather, etc. And there are 3 main ways you can use the Cortana.

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