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What does INB4 Mean (2023 Update)

INB4 – First Glance:

An internet slang, meaning “In Before”.

what does inb4 mean

Perhaps you often see inb4 when you are on some message boards with some geeks specialized in special fields like computer skills and gaming like YouTube and Reddit, or games such as LOL.

Now and then, people post a message or comment with inb4 included. What the hell does inb4 mean?

Especially, for some gamers, you can also observe some players post inb4 in LOL, or on YouTube, a video called inb4 I eat mentos as a part of despacito 2 (a series of images and videos about the song Despacito) has attracted tremendous attention of users.

That is so annoying if you don’t know what the meaning of inb4 when someone sends it to you on Snapchat or other sharing platforms like Facebook.

Sometimes, even if you checked INB4 in Urban Dictionary, you are still confused about this inb4 phrase. Therefore, you would better follow on to know more about this network slang.

What does inb4 Mean?

INB4, a network acronym, stands for In Before.

Generally speaking, you can simply interpret inb4 (In Before) as “I’m going to post in this discussion thread before all of you since I have already known what will happen and there is no need to discuss it further”.

At first glance, it is difficult to connect inb4 with its real meaning as it isn’t an acronym. And, likely, users won’t discern what In Before mean in a sentence, but inb4 used in sentences has become a trend on social networking sites.

It denotes that someone who sends a reply with inb4 in it want to get an answer to a certain question before anyone else.

For instance, when you replied someone with INB4 on Reddit, a site allowing users to discuss various topics as they like, you may hope that one can answer your question or problem in the first place on the message board than others.

Besides, inb4 also implies that someone has anticipated a potential reply or action about a reply on certain social platforms like Snapchat or LOL.

How to Use inb4?

As said above, INB4 is often used in some message boards that involve many professionals in specific fields like computer issue fixing, gaming, video polishing, meme creation, etc.

Therefore, you can use an inb4 phrase in some platforms such as Reddit, Think 4chan, YouTube, Snapchat, or LOL as a reply to others.

And more often than not, you should use inb4 with a comment to explain what you mean to do inb4. That is to say, you are to apply inb4 to a comment to explain what this comment means to me in a later post.

For instance, on a discussion board, if a participant posted some words that violated the regulations on the website, someone would reply to his words with NB4 delete your reply (or inb4 b&) to warn the sender against the rule to delete the improper words.

That shows that inb4 has something in common with “first”, but it is not the same as the single word “First” as INB4 as slang is usually posted along with a comment.

In a word, from this article, you will deeply understand what INB4 stands for and how to use it on Reddit, YouTube, LOL, or any other social media platform.

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