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OG: What does it Mean & How to use it?

OG Mean – First Glance:

As an abbreviation, OG stands for “Original Gangster” or “Original” simply.

what does og mean

“OG” or “O.G.” frequently appears on social media and text messages. What on earth is OG’s definition? Does it mean “Old Guy”?

People have numerous doubts about this internet acronym. If you are one of them, follow on the get the hang of this network abbreviation and know what OG refers to in different situations or fields.

What Does OG Mean?

In most cases, when OG is used on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it stands for “Original Gangster”, meaning something that is original or old-school.

Therefore, depending on the specific context, one can use OG to express his appreciation for something that is wonderfully original, or OG can also be used to show someone or something that is left behind.

And OG meaning “Original Gangster” is applied in cases like on common social media platforms like Twitter or in text or Rap culture or OG in street outlaws. However, in some special fields, the definition of O.G. may differ.

OG in gaming:

In games such as Fortnite. Moreover, OG in gaming can also refer to “Original Gamertag” in which “gamertag” is a word in Urban Dictionary. And for gamers considered to be an “OG player” means that he is original, denoting that he has played the game for a long time.

OG in football:

In football, OG meaning is changed to “Offensive Guard”, which is a position on the offensive line in football.

OG in Dance Moms:

In the TV series Dance Moms, OG is the abbreviation for “Original Girls”.

OG in Last OG:

 As mentioned, normally, OG means “original gangster” or “original”, while in the “Last OG”, OG denotes more of the sense of “originality” with less to do with “gangster”.

Examples of OG:

Example 1:

User 1: He was so OG when he won the game.

User 2: Yes, he is the OG.

In this example, the meaning of O.G is well displayed. Both user 1 and user 2 have used the meaning of OG, namely, original to convey a sense of excitement and admiration.

Example 2:

Texter 1: I can’t communicate with my friend, he is so OG.

Texter 2: I don’t think so as he is creative sometimes.

While in this example, another meaning of the acronym “OG” is applied in text conversation between the two texters. To be specific, texter 1 considers that his friend is old-school, whereas texter 3 observed the creativity of the friend.

\In this way, you can see how the meaning of the internet abbreviation “OG” refers to will affect the meaning of the whole sentence.

What is the Origin of “OG”?

The slang OG originates from rap and hip-hop culture. And it is said that in a rap music song of the rapper Ice-T, OG is coined and then popularized on social media and text conversations. Titled “O.G. Original Gangster”, this song first used O.G to show something that is original.

From them on, more social media users and texters start to use this internet acronym OG to comment something or someone as “original” or “original gangster”.

Beyond that, different fields have also used the abbreviation “OG” to stand for a specific item or meaning, for instance, with the release of the TV series of Dance Moms, people tend to related OG with “original girls” in the series.

In short, you can get the different definitions or meanings of OG in texting and social media websites from this post. In so doing, it is up to you when and how to use OG in different cases.

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