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How to Customize Lock Screen on Windows 10

The lock screen isn’t only a background image or slideshow on windows 10. It also has the capacity of displaying widgets, notifications, the detailed information of the applications and custom wallpapers. And you can also access Cortana directly from this screen. So, it is necessary for you to know it. Next, I’d like to tell you to learn how to adjust lock screen on Windows 10. Contents: How to Set a Custom Lock Screen on Windows 10? How to Adjust Screen Timeout Settings on windows 10? How to Setup Cortana...
Windows Errors

Fixed: Windows10 Won’t Fit the Screen

It is a common phenomenon that suddenly Windows 10 screen seems strange when compared with what it was before. Sometimes, your computer suddenly turns black for a while when you are watching videos with either smaller or larger text. That means Windows 10 won’t fit the screen. Normally, PC screen not fitting the monitor can appear right after you upgraded to Windows 10 or when you connect your computer with another one. In either case, the unfit Windows 10 screen won't show in full screen and display is not filling...
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