Any errors in using YouTube are listed below. You can see the specific solutions towards YouTube audio and video not syncing, YouTube buffering and lagging. Or provided that you are facing any other YouTube issues when watching YouTube videos, you can directly search on this page.


How to Download 4K YouTube Videos (2023 Update)

Do you want to download videos from YouTube? Many users want to save 4K YouTube videos to the laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad so that you can watch the video or play the audio later. Among video-sharing platforms, YouTube can be the most popular one with an ocean of channels, playlists, and videos. Or for some people, you may want to download YouTube videos in different formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, WEBM, FLV, and MPEG. Overview: How to Download 4K YouTube Videos on PC? What are the Alternatives for YouTube Video...

How to Fix No Sound on Youtube [6 Ways]

Some people may encounter that when you are playing online videos on Youtube, the picture is fine but you are unable to get any sound from the video. Some people may find that there is no sound in all audios or videos. But no sound on all YouTube videos on Windows 10 occurs to some users as well. It is known that YouTube is the most popular video streaming website and no sound from the computer is a very common problem, so when your YouTube video or audio has no...
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