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What is the Meaning of WELP (2023 Update)

WELP – First Glance:

As an internet slang, welp mean the non-standard spelling of “well” to show a sense of disappointment or a lack of interest.

what does welp mean

Is welp a real word? Many people see this slang on social media but have no deep understanding about welp’s definition and uses.

However, in terms of the question, the answer is “Yes, welp is a real word”. But it is an informal language and mostly used to stand for “well”.

If you wish to dive deeper into welp or well’p or wellp (some mistakenly spelled “welp”), just follow on.

What Does Welp Mean?

On social media, “welp” actually stands for “well” due to the mistakenly spelling of “well”. And it is often used when someone shows no interest in a current topic, person, etc.

Beyond that, some people even shrug off something, so they reply others’ with “welp”, which contains their contempt.

To better understand this welp slang, you can try to image the scene with a word “well” and “a gulp”. That is vivid to show somebody’s lack of passion towards something that is accomplished and boring.

Note: Misunderstanding about “welp” among social media users

Well, it is worth noting that when some users first notice this online slang, they will get confused about its meaning.

For instance, it is said that some people interpret welp as “young carnivorous mammals, especially that of the dog”.

So, is welp a scrabble word? Since there is no definition of welp in dictionaries like the Urban Dictionary, many of you may consider it a scrabble word.

In fact, welp is not a scrabble word and it is not in the scrabble dictionary. It is just the false or, informal form of “well” on social media websites, particularly on Twitter.

How to Use Welp?

You can just start a sentence with a “welp” when you don’t want to do thing or chat with someone online (see example below). Therefore, welp in a sentence also refer to the “lack of enthusiasm”.


User 1: Do you want to see my new dress?

User 2: welp!

In this online chatting, user 1 would like to show her new dress to user 2, but user 2 responded with a slang “welp”, indicating that she is not interested about how the dress looks like on user 1.

How to Pronounce Welp?

Welp is the alternative of well, which is widely accepted among online users, so users tend to chat with slangs like welp.

Also, you can just pronounce welp by pronouncing “well”. That is to say, the pronunciation of “well” is also that of “well” (shown in the dictionary as below).

pronounce welp

What is the Origin of Welp?

The internet slang welp originated from a movie named Dumb and Dumber released in 1994. And in this film, Jim Carrey’s Lloyd notices two men drinking Big Gulps, and says, “Hey guys! Oh, Big Gulps, huh? All right.”

While when the two men try to respond to him, Lloyd replies before the two men that ““Welp, see you later”.

Since welp is pronounced similarly to that of “well”, and according to the contemptuous attitude of Lloyd, welp came out on social media to express the feeling of “not caring”.  

In short, welp meaning is clearly presented in this post. And as for how to use welp, you can check the uses of this slang if needed. For more slang or abbreviation meanings in texting or social media, just consult this website.

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