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What Does APYR Mean and How to Use It

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Being an internet acronym, apyr means “As Per Your Request”, which is an old-fashioned expression sharing the same meaning with “As you requested” or “In accordance with your Instructions”.

what does apyr mean

For many people, you may often see “apyr” in text messages or social networking sites like Facebook. Due to a lack of information, it is possible that numerous of you fail to understand the meaning of apyr, not to mention how to use it.

Hence, this paper tries to give you a detailed explanation about the definition and usages of apyr in different cases.

What does APYR mean?

Apyr is an abbreviation and it stands for “as per your request”. It is said that this acronym can mostly be adapted from classical English. And apyr can be used to show someone’s politeness or used sarcastically. It is worth noting that before the popularity of social media, people won’t use the slang apyr.

Instead, the full name of apyr, “as per your request” or its alternatives “In accordance with your request” or “As per your instructions” are widely used.

Examples in using APYR:

Example 1:

User 1: How do you finished that task?

User 2: Apyr, I have done it well.

In this example, apyr is used by User 2 to show his or her politeness that he or she has done the work as per the instructions of User 1.

Example 2:

User 1: Apyr, you will find your name on the black list.

User 2: No!

Unlike example 1, this example reflects that User 1 informs User 2 that his or her name will be on the black list to get into the room. And here apyr is used sarcastically to express discontent of User 1 on User 2.

What is друг meme?

Sometimes, people often get confused between “друг” and “apyr”. And apyr memes usually come into your sight, which is actually the друг meme. And друг is A Creepy New Gaming Meme that’ll Leave You In Stitches. And there may also be друг meme sound, denoting a друг meme with sound.

apyr meme

From this article, you can learn more about the internet slang apyr, including its definition and uses. Besides, apyr meme in games is also introduced.

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