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What Does BFFR  Mean on Social Media

BFFR-first glance

At first glance, people always confuse the acronym BFFR with another popular abbreviation “BFF”. While BFF refers to “Best friends forever”, the meaning of BFFR is quite different. It means “Be f*cking for real.”

what does bffr mean

What does BFFR mean?

BFFR, also known as Be F*cking Fr, is a mild admonishment. This term is akin to saying “Seriously” or “Are you Fr”. It is typically used to express disbelief or to ask someone to be honest. You can find the same definition of BFFR in Urban Dictionary.

According to Know Your Meme, BFFR originates from African American Vernacular English. It has been used in AAVE for a long time and then gained great popularity on TikTok and Twitter in 2022.

BFFR meaning on TikTok

“Be f*cking for real” is the most common definition on social media, such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. It appears frequently online, especially on TikTok. It is used to emphasize a point or show an intense reaction in social media captions.

On TikTok, users like to upload posts and videos with the trending BFFR. It is a popular way for them to show their incredulity and seek clarification on some topics. Now, the hashtag #BFFR has amassed millions of views.

BFFR meaning in Texting

In the context of texting, BFFR is also typically used as “Be f*cking for real”. When texting, people always use this term to encourage someone who ignores something or avoids a certain topic to address the issue directly.

Other meanings of BFFR

There are no other meanings for this slang term since it has been used widely. It is more commonly used by the younger generation, especially Generation Z. For social media users, it is not strange to come across or use BFFR.

Examples of BFFR in use

BFFR, an abbreviation for “Be f*cking for real”, is usually used in casual conversations. Here are a few examples.

Example 1

Person A: “I can eat a whole apple in one bite.”

Person B: “BFFR!”

In this conversation, person B responded with BFFR to express his disbelief when person A made exaggerated claims.

Example 2

Person A: “The Earth is all made up of land.”

Person B: “BFFR!”

In this conversation, person A is refusing to accept a well-known fact. So person B uses BFFR to emphasize his belief is unreasonable.

All in all, BFFR is one of the popular internet slang. Like other terms, it should be used in proper contexts. Before using BFFR, you also need to consider the person you are talking to. More internet slang could be found on this website.

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