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What’s the meaning of AWL?

AWL-first glance

At first glance, it might be mistaken for “awl” capitalized. Actually, while awl is a tool in daily life, AWL is an independent slang term with the meaning “Always with love”.

What does AWL mean in texting and social media?

what does awl mean

AWL is a popular trending term that is used frequently both in text and social media. The most common definition in online communication is “Always with love”.

It is often used to show love and care when chatting on digital platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. When you receive a message with AWL, that reserves a way to convey the sender’s love.

Origin of AWL

The origin of AWL is vague. Like many other slang terms, the origin of it can be dated from the emergence of the abbreviation or acronym.

With the evolution of digital communication, shorthand expressions have gained great popularity. Sending AWL has also been a fashionable way to express affection and love.

How to use AWL?

AWL can be used in various contexts. In most cases, it is added at the end of the messages. When texting or chatting on the instant messaging app, you can send AWL to your family members, close friends, lovers, and even colleagues when you want to convey love or appreciation.

Sometimes, when you receive a compliment or gratitude, you can also use AWL in response. AWL will make your words in a more supportive and warm-hearted tone.

Another context in which AWL can be used is in social media captions or comments. In this case, adding AWL to a post or comment will improve the sentimental value. It will also help you to sustain affection and friendship.

Other meanings of AWL

Other than the widely known definition “Always with love”, there are still several other meanings of AWL.

AWL meaning in chat

As per Urban Dictionary, the common definition of the word “awl” is a tool. It is a pointed instrument for making small holes in wood or leather. In some cases, it can also be used as a playful way to reply to ridiculous or groundless statements.

AWL meaning in gaming

In gaming, AWL stands for “A Wonderful Life” which originated from Harvest Moon. It implies what the players will enjoy during the gaming process.

AWL meaning in academia

AWL can refer to the “Academic World List”. It is a list which is consisted of the frequent words in academic texts of various disciplines. For students, it is a quite precious and useful resource to enhance their abilities in academic writing.

AWL meaning in organization

In community organizations, AWL refers to “All Walks of Life”. It aims to gather people from different backgrounds to strive towards shared goals and contribute to community development.

Examples of AWL in use

Example 1

Person A: “Hey honey, I left your favorite cake in the fridge. Remember to take it!”

Person B: “Thank you! So sweet! AWL!”

In this conversation, AWL is typically used to emphasize appreciation and gratitude to the other person in the conversation.

Example 2

“Great time spent with my lover! AWL!”

In this instance, it is a caption of a post on the social media platform. The addition of AWL apparently strengthens the love that the poster expresses.

Example 3

Person A: “I can lift the whole earth.”

Person B: “awl!”

In this example, the meaning of awl is not a slang term, nor a tool. It is used to reply to somebody’s nonsense.

Alternatives of AWL

As a popular expression to show love, AWL can also be substituted by other phrases, such as “With lots of love”, “All of my love”, AHFY(Always here for you), XOXO(Hugs and kisses), and LYA(Love you always).

In short, AWL is a positive phrase that can be used to convey affection and love. Adding AWL to your words will make it warmer for the receiver. It is quite a good way for internet users to build better relationships. Don’t hesitate to use this slang term when you want to express your love to others.

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