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What’s the Meaning of Bookoo?

Bookoo-first glance

It is not easy to get the meaning of bookoo at first glance. As a slang term, its definition is “a lot” or “many”.

what does bookoo mean

What does bookoo mean

The slang term bookoo which means abundance originated from the French word “beaucoup”. Bookoo is an anglicized spelling and pronunciation of beaucoup. Sometimes, it can be spelled “buku”.

Origin and Evolution of bookoo

Two historical factors influenced the origin and evolution of bookoo.

The first is the colonial factor. Before the founding of the United States, a large part of it are French colonies. People still hold on to their French cultural heritage in places like Louisiana. So American English is full of French words and expressions and bookoo is one of them.

The second is the war factor. Bookoo used to be military slang. During the Vietnam War, American soldiers used the French term “beaucoup” and then popularized it in their daily expression. Over the years, the pronunciation of “beaucoup” evolved into the term “bookoo” in American English.

How to use bookoo

Bookoo has been in popular use for several years. It has been used in various brands and even in the name of a song which is Bookoo Bucks by Nasty C. If you have got the meaning of bookoo, then it could be quite easy for you to use it.

However, please note that it is unfamiliar to some people since this term is derived from French. So you need to use bookoo with caution and try to explain it.

Other meanings of bookoo

Besides the meaning we mentioned above, the slang term bookoo can also be used to describe someone who does something foolish or crazy.

Actually, “bookoo” can not only be a slang term, but also can refer to a website, app, and energy drink. is a platform for buying and selling items with neighbors.  BooKoo is an energy drink made by The Love Factor, Inc.

Examples of bookoo in use

Example 1

“I make bookoos of bucks.”

In this example, “bookoos” is the plural form of bookoo as a noun. “Buck” is the synonym for money. So this speaker says that he makes a lot of money.

Example 2

Person A: “Do you want to go and grab some food?”

Person B: “Er, I have eaten bookoo dessert.”

In this conversation, bookoo is an adverb of quantity that means a lot.

Example 3

“She has bookoo followers on TikTok.”

In this example, the meaning of this sentence is that she has a large number of followers on TikTok.

Example 4

“BooKoo is my favorite energy drink. I drink it all the time.”

In this example, bookoo is not a slang term but instead a brand of energy drink.

In a word, bookoo is a French word that could take the place of other words or phrases, such as a lot, plenty, and overabundance.

Due to historical reasons, there are inevitably garbled expressions in various languages. Some terms can be good alternatives with appropriate use. So please consider carefully before using slang terms. If you want to learn about more slang, just search on this website.

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