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What Does WYM Mean (2023 Update)

WYM – First Glance:

This slang “wym” means “what you mean?” or “watch your mouth”.

what does wym mean

Are you wondering what the meaning of “wym”? Did you use wym before in your online conversations with your friends?

If you do not know the full name of wym and in what cases you can use it, you may as well move on to learn more about the internet abbreviation wym.

What is the Definition of WYM?

More often than not, WYM stands for “what you mean?”, which is used to ask the other person what he or she is meant to express and what the meaning his or her words is.

While sometimes, WYM is defined as “watch your mouth”, which can be implicitly understood as watch the mouth to see what happens to it or explicitly interpreted as “being careful in speaking”.

Examples of WYM:

Example 1:

User 1: WYM when you say that?

User 2: I mean that we should go now.

In this example, it seems that User 1 gets confused about the meaning of User 2, so he or she asked User 2 what he or she would like to convey in her words, namely, what he or she means by saying that.

Example 2:

Texter 1: Stop talking! WYM.

Texter 2: Ok, I’m sorry about that.

In example 2, WYM meaning “watch your mouth” is adopted by Texter 1 to show his or her dislike or even hate about the words of Texter 2.

When and where can you Use WYM?

As an internet slang, WYM is often used among close friends or families or young netizens that are familiar with various internet acronyms.

Therefore, make sure the other one you are communicating with knows what you mean to talk and avoid offense to others by using polite words or full name.

In short, you can learn the definition and uses of the internet slang WYM from this post. And for more internet abbreviations and slangs, be free to search on this website.

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