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What Does BESOS Mean?

Besos first glance

Besos is a word in Spanish. It means “kisses”. It is an expression of affection to lovers, family, or friends.

what does besos mean

What is the meaning of BESOS?

In Spain, people usually use besos as a sign of affection. It can be translated to “kisses” in English. Another phrase in English, “hugs and kisses”, is similar to this term.

There are many other similar slang that convey the same meaning. Such as besitos, mwah, and XO. “Besitos” is another way of saying besos. “Mawh” is an onomatopoeic representation of the sound used to express a kiss. Then, the meaning of “XO” is “hugs and kisses”.

How to use besos?

Though besos is of Spanish origin, it has gained great popularity worldwide. It is an innovative way to show love to each other. You can use besos to express your affection to anyone you love when texting and chatting online.

It can be paired with other Spanish adjectives or nouns to make phrases. For instance, “mucho besos”, “amor y besos”, and “abrazos y besos”.

To help you understand them better, we will explain some words as follows. “Mucho” means “many”. “Amor” means “love”. “Abrazos” means “hugs”. “Y” means “and”.

Besides using it during the chatting process, this slang can be utilized as a parting or farewell expression to end the conversation or letter.

Other meanings of besos

Since besos is a translation for “kisses”, there are not any other meanings for this term. However, there exist slight differences depending on some factors. The most common one is context. Relationships and culture could also affect the meaning of besos.

Sometimes, besos can be used to convey ironic and sarcastic meanings. For example, if someone’s comments or requests are unkind or demanding, you can reply with besos to show your dissatisfaction.

Example of besos in use

Example 1

“Have a nice day baby besos.”

In this example, the sender has wished someone a good day and added besos. For the receiver, it is joyful to see such a message.

Example 2

“See you, dear.


In this example, it is the end of a letter. When besos is placed at the end of a message or letter, it could be seen as “goodbye”.

Example 3

Person A: “Could you lend me your soap? I will pay you back next year.”

Person B: “Sure, besos. Because that’s a quite reasonable request.”

 In this example, the atmosphere of this conversation seems very harmonious. However, person B is annoyed about the unreasonable request of person A with satire.

In short, “besos” is internet slang that originated from Spanish. If you want to utilize it and get the meaning of it correctly, you need to consider many factors. Please search on this site if you are interested in other internet slang.

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