10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need This Parental Control Software

A fresh generation of tech savvy kids is here. To interact, young kids use tablets and teens use instant messaging for communicating. In the course, most educational facilities use advanced computers and tablets.

Today, people encourage a smartphone for their kids and teens because it’s one of the best ways to keep in contact with them. It also gives parents a sense of tranquility to consider where their kids are and what they may be up to. 

You face a challenge as a parent: balancing the positive and negative implications of giving digital freedom to your child and putting strict limits on that liberty. Many parents acknowledge that their ability to learn and grow may be impaired by restricting children’s access to the internet. But this also implies exposing kids to risks and information online that may go past their ability to understand.

Parental Control Software: Why use them?

In order to make your kids safe online, it is vital to use a parental control software. In this article, we have summed up the top 10 reasons why having a parental control software is necessary for you as a parent.


1. Protection while using the Internet 

It doesn’t matter which way you have a discussion with your child about online safety; there seems to be no way to tell exactly whether or not the concept has sunk in. If that hasn’t, the risks of accessing harmful information from your children are much greater than being able to actually verify if it has. 

protection while internet

You will be able to monitor the websites and material your child is watching at all times using a parental control app such as Spyic, making it easy to see whether you need to have the conversation again or step in by completely blocking the applications.

2. Track Kid’s Location

Parental Control softwares, like Spyic will allow the entire family to monitor the positions of each other. With Spyic you will be able to track a cell phone location with the number. This guide will help you with the whole procedure. 

track kid location

Spyic will imply that your children are safe and where they are supposed to be and help you find them in an emergency as well. 

Usually, for the GPS monitoring or location function to operate, your phones would need to be switched on. It’s always a smart option, though, to talk about precautions with your kids. Tell them to discourage tagging or sharing their location on social networking sites and assist them to set up privacy settings in case outsiders can access the information.

3. Block Access to Certain Games 

Most gaming systems have internet connectivity that allows your children to browse the internet, make in-app purchases, and connect with other participants. While some features might make games more interesting, you do not want your child to use account-related credit cards or speak to strangers. 

Parental controls let you establish user accounts where only those features can be accessed by your children or allow you to track what they’d while playing the game lock. 

4. Prevent Cyberbullying

It’s a pity we have to add this to our checklist, but it’s such a common concern that needs to be tackled. Trolls thrive because of the paradox of the internet, so they’re out to belittle people about themselves. 

Installing a parental control app will help you track whether your kids are cyberbullied, helping you to assist them and have the right interactions, whether they are posting on videos, status changes, or even just via chat messages.

5. Control Your Kid’s Mobile Device 

It’s almost impossible on your own to keep up with what your child is doing on their smart phones all the time. After-school events, playdates, and school events are all times where, for safety and protection, you want your child to have their mobile phone with them, but that also means they are allowed to go do anything they want on their phones during this period. 

control mobile device

And at home, at all times, parents shouldn’t really look over their child’s shoulder. When you can’t be, parental control software will be on the lookout for your kids.

6. Manage Time

As we have already mentioned, it is so important from a young age to strike the perfect balance among playing games and being in the real world. If your kids spend their days playing games and don’t concentrate on everything else, then this is all they can do as grown-ups. 

For many of the reasons we’ve mentioned above, downloading a parental control software app is a perfect way to help teach your children time management abilities, a skill that will support them throughout their lives.

7. Control when your kids are not with you 

Think of the number of times your kids are out all day and not with you with their smartphones. When at school, at a friend’s home, a sleepover, a school outing, around the home of another family member, and all the rest. There’s really no way these days that you can monitor the use of your kid’s phone. 

With a parental control app, however, you will be able to control and see all the statistics of your child regardless of where your child is in the world , helping them sustain a degree of safety and protection, regardless of the situation in which you find yourself.

8. Bypass Parental Control Setting

Built into many devices, smartphones, tablets , and computers, there are many features and choices that can help you restrict the ability of your child to access such media or websites. However, they might be able to evade these features if your child is mature and more technologically proficient. 

Installing a parental control software will assist in establishing passwords and locks that prohibit the settings from changing, ensuring they won’t be able to disable the settings even though your kid is tech-aware.

9. Control In-App Purchase

Kids hardly need time to learn to use some programme or download files in this tech age, and in many instances you feel proud to see them installing something all out of their own. Have you ever thought that this “excellence” could cause them to download a game file from your mobile app store or, worse, from a malicious website? 

Your children will no longer have access to such enticing but malicious websites displaying. with parental control on unique spam websites and your phone app store. You won an iPhone “or” Now download the xyz game file! “Etc. etc. In order to avoid accessing any file without your permission, use password protection for app stores.

10. Customizable

For the entire family, blocking video, monitoring locations and setting screen time limits can be fun. But this degree of control is not required for every family member, or at least not all of the time. 

Many parental control features allow you to set up various profiles so that each member of the family can access content online that is suitable for them.

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