Best 5 Options For DNS Filtering Sofware You Must Know

With the unimaginable amount of websites in the internet today, you never know what you may stumble upon. In order to protect your children and students while they are learning on the internet, you have to make sure to use a DNS filter. In this article, we will talk about best options for DNS filtering that will prevent your children from accessing harmful sites. They can work for both parents and schools.

Google Cloud DNS

The world leading companies in the educational business use Google Cloud DNS services to keep their students away from harmful websites. Google makes particularly fast DNS servers available to users. It achieves this thanks to the presence of a large number of servers around the world and a technology specifically targeting cache failure problems, a major concern in DNS slowing and congestion.

Ease of configuration is also one of the strengths of this platform, making it perfect for insiders who have never changed their default DNS. For a first experience, Google Cloud DNS is therefore highly recommendable.


Cloudflare is arguably the most well-known service of its kind, and with good reason. It is by far the fastest DNS service according to measurements by independent site DNSPerf.

With regard to the processing of personal data, Cloudflare is also doing well. Browsing data is not used for advertising purposes, the original IP address (yours) is not recorded on its servers and all logs are deleted within 24 hours. This is why schools and universities use CloudFare.

Another advantage of Cloudflare is the existence of dedicated applications for mobiles, on Android and iOS. Therefore, you will be protecting your students on computers as well as their mobile phones and tablets.


OpenDNS has been a recognized tool in the sector since 2005. Renowned for its versatility and efficiency, it was acquired in 2016 by the giant Cisco. It is one of the fastest DNS services on the market.

On the security side, it offers protection against identity theft, DDoS attacks, malicious websites, phishing attacks and even cache poisoning attacks. All these features are sought after by education establishments and companies like who aim to protect students from these harms.

You can also control your own website access bans, target certain types of pages, for example: pornography, gambling, etc.

Verisign DNS

Verisign relies above all on stability, security and respect for privacy with its service. It provides robust protection against all major types of attacks and malware. The platform also ensures that your data is not sold to third-party companies, in particular for advertising targeting purposes.

While Verisign DNS stands out in some areas, it must be admitted that it is slightly lacking in others. It is comparatively slower than the other solutions presented in this selection of DNS services. If you don’t mind wasting a few milliseconds for each request made in order to gain security and ensure the protection of your personal data, then this free DNS may be for you.

Slowness however, is not appreciated in the education business and schools should aim to be as fast as possible.

Quad9 DNS

It is a non-profit organization, supported by IBM and several organizations specializing in cybersecurity. This platform has been available since 2016, so it is relatively new on the market compared to the old ones listed above; however, it still has some undeniable advantages. Quad9 doesn’t quite match the speed of Cloudflare or Google Cloud DNS servers, but it remains one of the fastest services of its kind on the market by DNSPerf measurements.

Another advantage of Quad9 is its security features. It protects against most cyber threats through its collaboration with 18 companies working in cyber threat intelligence. Since we are dealing with a non-profit organization, it does not have a commercial motivation to profit or distribute data believed to be private and vital for an open and free Internet. Schools could benefit greatly from this DNS filtering tool.

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