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What Does BRB Mean

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Being an online abbreviation, BRB stands for “be right back”, meaning person will leave for a moment, but will be back shortly.

what does brb mean

If you have no idea what the definition of brb is, you may be simply confused about why social media users use it in chatting, e-mails, or text messages. Next are the details about the meaning and uses of brb.

What Does BRB Mean?

BRB, as an internet acronym, stands for “be right back”, which can be the general meaning of brb.

And people also use it to mean that “one is leaving for a moment and he will come back soon”.

Therefore, it can be seen that the usage of brb on online chatting or texts shows that the user or texter is polite as he will tell the other one that he will leave, even for a while.

While sometimes, brb whose full name is “be right back” may refer to a long-time waiting as the person who sends “brb” get stuck at doing something, so the message receiver may need to wait for longer time like 15 minutes or even 2 hour.

And this abbreviation is often used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. for convenience. And among young social media users, it has become a fad to use internet slangs or abbreviations instead of the full name.

Other meanings of BRB (BRB in specific fields)

BRB meaning in medical:

The definition of brb in medical is Bright Red Blood.

Special meaning of BRB full name for daily use:

Standing for Bathroom break, donating that someone needs to use the bathroom.

Examples in using BRB:

Example 1:

User 1: BRB.

User 2: OK.

1 minute later.

User 1: Hello, I’m back.

User 2: OK, let’s begin.

In this example, User 1 used brb to tell User 2 that he has something emergent to do and it only takes him 1 minute to finish that work.

Example 2:

Texter 1: Sorry, brb. 

Texter 2: That’s fine.

2 hours later:

Texter 1: Sorry, something got in the way.

1 minute later:

Texter 2: That’s fine.

In this example, texter 1 felt sorry to “be right back” by using the abbreviation “brb”, but it took him 2 hours to accomplish the work or deal with the emergency.

In this way, it can be found that brb means “be right back”, usually implying that the message sender will come back to the chat right away. But in some cases, perhaps he has to leave more time.

If you want to use this internet acronym on Instagram or other social media websites or in text messages, you can use it as you wish, but do remember to make sure the message receiver knows what the meaning of brb is. And as an internet words, brb is rarely used offline.

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