You can learn a lot of programs such as mom.exe, articlexx.exe, csrss.exe, sedlanucher.exe, lsass.exe, OpenAL, OpenGL, etc. You can also solve the problem of High CPU Usage caused by many programs.


Why Does Chrome Use So Much Ram and How to Deal with It

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers among users. But one of the biggest complaints is how much of your computer’s RAM it takes up. The number of memory-hogging Chrome processes is shocking if you take a quick look at your task manager. Each new tab opened in the browser will consume more RAM. We find that in Chrome, 15 tabs can range from 1 GB to 2 GB of memory used, depending on the web page content. As we all know, once the allotted memory is...

Change Language in Google Search Results and Google Chrome Settings

Google Search prevails among many countries and regions around the world. When you type in the address bar and use the Omnibox to search for something, the results page is supposed to display in English, while some users proposed the issue that the Google Search is showing the wrong language in its result comes up now and then. Part 1: How to Set Google Search To English in Chrome?Part 2: How to Change Language in Google Chrome Browser? How to Set Google Search to English in Google Chrome? Normally,...

Solved: Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now (2021 Update)

Spotify Users have encountered situations where they cannot play songs in this player. Some people may not be able to play the current track on Spotify, while others cann’t play all the songs or an album. And the most common error message may be: Spotify can't play this right now if you have the file on your computer you can import it. Overview: Spotify Songs Can't Play MessagesHow to Fix Spotify Can't Play This Right Now Spotify Songs Can’t Play Messages Since Spotify's music can be played on different devices,...

How to Download NVIDIA Control Panel for Windows 10

Many people encountered a problem that when they went to the Microsoft store to download the NVIDIA control panel but told that the download failed. Another problem is that when you right click the desktop but find the NVIDIA control panel is missing or cannot be opened, an error message pops up: NVIDIA driver is not installed in your system. So, how to install the NVIDIA control panel correctly and solve these problems? Why Your NVIDIA Control Panel Cannot Download and Installed? As per Microsoft requirements, you need to meet...
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