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Fixed: Couldn’t Load Plugin Chrome on Windows 10

Once you boot up your Chrome on Windows 10, it is a common phenomenon that you stumble upon the error that chrome could not load plugin.

With the presence of this chrome flash player not working well error, you may fail to perform many actions with Google Chrome on Windows 10 if plug-in is blocked.

Therefore, you are supposed to take various measures to solve this could not load plugin error on videos in Google Chrome.

How Do You Fix Couldn’t Load Plug in?

This couldn’t load plugin can be caused by pepflashplayer dll.exe file, the chrome application itself and Shockwave flash service.

Now you may as well start to deal with the chrome couldn’t load plugin flash error.


1: Update the Chrome Application

2: Rename Pepflashplayer dll.exe File

3: Delete PepperFlash Folder

4: End Shockwave Flash Service

5: Run SFC to Fix Chrome Could Not Load Plug in

Solution 1: Update the Chrome Application

The first thing you would better to do is to make sure you have downloaded and installed the most updated Google Chrome app with the most comprehensive plug-ins for Windows 10.

It is available for you to search Google Chrome in Chrome program and then install it on your PC.

Once the newly released chrome application is installed on Windows 10, you can open Google Chrome again to check if chrome plugins could not be loaded persists.

Solution 2: Rename Pepflashplayer dll.exe File

As this couldn’t load plugin chrome error on Windows 10 sometimes occurs to you on videos in flash player, pepflashplayer is one of the flashes. So you should attempt to rename the pepflashplay dll.exe file so as to resolve can’t load plugin chrome flash error.

1. Double click This PC from Windows 10 Desktop to open this program.

2. Then navigate to C:\Users\Your Users name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash.

pepprflash in local disk c

3. In Pepperflash folder, go to the version name folder and then pepflashplayer.dll.

Here the version number is 30.0.0154.

4. At last, right click Pepflashplayer.dll to Rename it as PepflashplayerX.dll.

rename pepflashplayer

After you exited This PC, try to start Chrome. This time, maybe chrome could not load plug in Windows 10 is fixed.

Solution 3: Delete PepperFlash Folder

In the case where renaming the pepflashplayer dll.exe file is useless for you to resolve Windows 10 can’t load plugin, you may need to delete the pepperflash folder.

In this way, in This PC, go to C:\Users\Your Users name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash.

And then right click the PepperFlash folder to Delete it.

delete pepperflash folder

While you have deleted this folder, you can see Google Chrome could not load plugin has disappeared and you are able to use chrome as you like.

Solution 4: End Shockwave Flash Service

Another flash player is also to blame. That is Shockwave Flash. Since there is a special Chrome task manager, it is feasible for you to stop Shockwave Flash in this chrome task manager on Windows 10.

1. Open the Google Chrome, and then press Shift + Esc to elevate the Chrome Task Manager.

2. Then in this Task Manager, find out and right click Plugin: Shockwave Flash to End process.

end plugin process

3. Reboot your PC to take effect.

Upon the time when you stopped the Shockwave Flash, the Chrome couldn’t load plugin flash error Windows 10 will not plague you anymore.

Solution 5: Run SFC to Fix Chrome Could Not Load Plug in

It may be due to the problematic files on Windows 10 that lead t Google Chrome can’t load plug in.

Lastly, you would better make attempt to perform System File Checker (SFC) in order to solve corrupted or damaged system files.

1. Type in Command Prompt in the search box and then right click it to Run as administrator.

2. Then in Command Prompt, input sfc/scannow and hit Enter to run SFC.

begin system scan

At that time, Command Prompt will have detected out the erroneous files and helped you correct the files.

On that occasion, couldn’t load plugin in chrome would not pop up on Windows 10.

To conclude, you are able to fix chrome couldn’t load plugin flash error on Windows 10 if you can try these methods with patience.

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