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What is the Meaning of DISO

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DISO, an internet abbreviation, means “desperately in search of”, implying that someone is trying hard to find something or someone else.

what does diso mean

Do you often see DISO in online conversations? Have you noticed the presence of DISO in games? If so, but you have no idea what this internet acronym stands for, you might as well come to this post for help.

What Does DISO Mean?

As a slang on social media, the full name of DISO is “desperately in search of”. And this internet acronym DISO is widely used to denote that someone is in dire need of find out something or someone.

Examples in using DISO:

Example 1:

User 1: I’m in DISO my favorite book.

User 2: Oh, i have not seen it at all.

In this example, DISO meaning “desperately in search of something” is used by User 1 to show that he is eager to look for his favorite book.

Example 2:

Gamer 1: I’m in DISO of some weapons.

Gamer 2: Hey, I have some weapons for trade. Do you need any?

In this example, the internet abbreviation DISO is used in games to convey that gamer 1 is searching for weapons. And normally, gamers are familiar with the definition of DISO in games.

What is the Origin of DISO?

It is unclear where and when the slang DISO came up. But it is said that DISO originated from players of MMORPGs. That is to say, gamers of MMORPGs need to search for materials to survive and win in this game.

As social media gains popularity, this acronym is also widely used and applied to different cases, for instance, DISO in text messages or user posts on Facebook.

In short, you may now have deeper understandings about the definition and uses of DISO, an internet abbreviation. For more explanations of internet slangs or acronyms, feel free to search on this website.

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