How to Turn Off Headphone Safety Notifications on iPhone

If your iPhone has installed newer iOS systems such as iOS 14 or iOS 15 or 16, you can see that there is a new feature, Headphone Safety, in iPhone Settings > Sound. Many users don’t know what the feature of Headphone Safety does on your iPhone.

To make things worse, some users noticed that they failed to raise the sound volume to a certain level on iPhone 14, 13, 12, XR, or any other models after installing the latest iOS.

Therefore, you may wish to know how to turn off Headphone Safety. This article will walk you through the Headphone Safety notifications.

What Are Headphone Safety Notifications on iPhone?

Why is there a Headphone Safety setting on my iPhone 13 or 14? Many iPhone users might have noticed the feature of Headphone Safety after installing the latest system updates of iPhone such as iOS 14, iOS 15, or iOS 16 on iPhone 14, 13, 12, or any other iPhone models.

Headphone Safety notifications refer to warnings that appear when the audio on the headphone is so loud and so long that users’ hearing may suffer.

In this case, Headphone Safety announcements inform users that their audio exposure is loud and long enough to affect their hearing.

By default, Headphone Safety comes to iPhones ever since iOS 14. This feature works by measuring the audio level on your iPhone and then notifying you that your audio volume reaches the limit.

For instance, you have been listening to music over 80 decibels for 40 hours in total in the last 7 days. If so, you can see that your iPhone or Apple Watch warns you that you have exceeded the audio volume limit on your iPhone.

In short, as the name shows, Headphone Safety notifications are warnings to protect your hearing in case your ears are exposed to loud audio for a long time. Once you receive a notification or warning, you need to lower the audio volume. Next time you connect to audio, the audio volume will be set at a lower level automatically.

Should I Turn off Headphone Safety Notifications?

From the functions of the Headphone Safety feature, iPhone users need notifications to avoid cases where the sound is too high and too long. In this way, normally, you should not turn off Headphone Safety warnings.

How to Turn off Headphone Safety Announcements on iPhone?

However, some users do not want to reduce the audio volume due to the Headphone Safety notifications. For instance, you may need a high sound volume when playing a song via the tooth. In this way, you feel like turning off the Headphone Safety feature.

1. On your iPhone, open Settings > Sound & Haptics.

iphone sound and haptics

2. Then locate Headphone Safety.

iphone headphone safety

3. Choose to turn off Headphone Notifications.

iphone headphone notifications

After disabling the Headphone Safety feature, you won’t receive a notification when you plan audio at a high decibel for a long time. If you want to turn on Headphone Safety, just switch on Headphone notifications.

If necessary, you can also Reduce Loud Sounds. Your iPhone will analyze headphone audio and reduce any sound that is over a set decibel level. Hence, you can protect your hearing even when you have turned off the Headphone Safety announcements.

What Will Happen If You Are to Disable Headphone Safety Suggestions?

The function the of Headphone Safety feature goes missing if users choose to turn it off. It is known that people will suffer from hearing damage if listening to any audio louder than 85dB for over 8 hours per day. iPhone users may be more likely to suffer from hearing loss if Headphone notifications do not work on iPhone 14, 13, 12 or any models.

FAQ about Turn off Headphone Safety Notifications on iPhone

When Was Headphone Safety Introduced to iPhone?

Ever since iOS14, Headphone Safety notifications have been introduced to iPhones.

What to do When I Can’t Disable Headphone Safety?

If you are unable to turn off Headphone notifications, you can reboot your iPhone and then try to disable it again. Otherwise, you may have to resort to the Apple center.

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