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What Does FAV Mean (2023 Update)

FAV at first glance:

An abbreviation, meaning Favorite.

what does fav mean

Further Explorations:

You may often see fav or fave posted by someone or in someone’s text messages. Especially, many of you wish to know what fav means on Snapchat. So just follow on for details of fav or fave.

What is the Meaning of Fav?

Fav or sometimes fave means Favorite or Favourite on social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Tumblr. Therefore, this acronym expresses your likings or appreciation for something.

Examples in using Fav:

User 1: That is my fav book. You will love it if you read it.

User 2: OK, I will enjoy it.

In this conversation, fav, standing for favorite, is used by, user 1 to express his deepest love for the book. And user 2 understands what user 1 means and replies to user 1 properly.

How to Use Fav?

Whenever you want to tell somebody that you love something or someone best on social media, you can use fav or fave to represent Favorite or Favourite.

For instance, you may answer a text message or post of someone by saying “coffee is my fav in the morning”. That shows your love for coffee in the morning, which perhaps is to answer a question of one of your friends “What drink do you prefer, milk or coffee?”


Some netizens may have also noticed that some people also use fab in a post, which seems to express the same feeling or meaning as fav o fave.

Here fab is short for fabulous. That word shows your appreciation for something as well.

In short, if you wish to convey your love for something or someone, you can use fav or fave. And beyond that, the fab meaning is also explained in this post. For more internet slang or abbreviations, just turn to this website.

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