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What Does FFS Mean

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As an internet acronym, in most cases, the full name of FFS is “for fuck’s sake”, implying the desperation, annoyance, and frustration.

what does ffs mean

Why do people send me a message with “ffs”? What does it mean? What can I reply to a message with it? If you are plagued by these questions about this abbreviation “ffs”, just move on to learn more it, including different meanings of ffs and its uses.

What Does FFS Mean?

FFS in texting or social media usually refers to “for fuck’s sake”. And it is often used to show the anger, frustration, etc.

And especially, ffs in gaming also means “for fuck’s sake”, which shares the opposite meaning with GG, meaning “good game” or “good going”.

Example in using FFS:

User 1: FFS! I will never come to this restaurant again.

User 2: What happened? Why are you so angry?

In this example, it can be seen that “ffs” on social medial like Facebook and Twitter or in texting is used by User 1 to convey his anger about the restaurant.

Synonyms of FFS meaning “for fuck’s sake”:

It is similar to phrases like “oh, come on!” and “are you serious?”

What are the other meanings of FFS?

In some specific fields, FFS has different definitions, like FFS in medical, finance, gaming, etc.

1. FFS meaning in medical

In medical, ffs stands for Fee-for-service, which is a payment system in which doctors, hospitals, and medical practices charge separately for each service they perform.

Usually, in this payment system, patients have to pay for whatever the doctors or hospitals charge for their medical services.

2. FFS meaning in HR

In human resource (HR), the full name of ffs is “Full and Final Settlement”, which is known as the FnF process is done when an employee is leaving the organization.

In conclusion, from this article, you can understand the meaning of ffs, an internet slang, in social media, texting, medical, gaming, and HR. Therefore, you can use this acronym “ffs” considering its definitions in different cases.

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