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39 Shortcuts for File Explorer on Windows 10

As the improved file manager, File Explorer affords you many new features, like Quick access and dark mode. Of course, it is unavoidable that you will come across File Explorer problems on Windows 10.

Sometimes, you noticed File Explorer not responding or failed to open, or you are unable to locate the file or folder you need as fast as you can.

All these make up the need for this article to introduce keyboard shortcuts for File Explorer on Windows 10.

In this post, you will learn the best and the most useful hotkeys for File Explorer on Windows 10 not only for sake of fast opening File Explorer but also using Windows 10 Explorer more conveniently.

To be more specific, the following File Explorer hotkeys are able to configure Quick access, OneDrive, folder settings, etc.

Now get started to get the Windows Explorer shortcuts on Windows 10.

Once get into File Explorer, you can take advantage of the File Explorer keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 to find files, change settings related to Quick access, OneDrive, etc.

1. Windows + E    Open File Explorer

2. Ctrl + W   Close File Explorer

3. Alt + D   Locate the address bar of Windows 10 File Explorer

4. Ctrl + C   Copy a file or folder

5. Ctrl + X   Cut a file or folder

6. Ctrl + P   Paste a file or folder

7. Ctrl + E\F   Locate File Explorer search bar

8. Ctrl + N   Open a new window in Windows File Explorer

9. Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel   Change the size of the file or folder icons

10. Ctrl + Shift + 1   View by Extra Large Icons

11. Ctrl + Shift + 2   View by Large Icons

12. Ctrl + Shift + 3   View by Medium Icons

13. Ctrl + Shift + 4   View by Small Icons

14. Ctrl + Shift + 5   View by List View

15. Ctrl + Shift + 6   View by details View

16. Ctrl + Shift + 7   View by Tiles View

17. Ctrl + Shift + 8   View by Content View

18. Alt+V, then S > F   View by Size Fit for all items within column width

19. Alt+F, then N   Duplicate Explorer Window

20. Alt + P   Show the preview pane

21. Alt + Enter   Display the Properties of the selected file or folder

22. Alt+D, then Ctrl + C   Copy the path of the opened file or folder

23. Alt + D, then Alt + Down Arrow   Show the last location you opened

24. Alt+D, then Alt+Up Arrow   Jump to a higher lever

25. Arrow Up   Jump up

26. Arrow Down   Jump down

27. Alt + D, then c:\   Go to c:\ drive

28. Num Lock + asterisk (*)   Show all subfolders of the selected folder

29. Num Lock + plus (+)   Display the content of the selected folder

30. Num Lock + minus (-)   Collapse the content of the selected folder

31. Backspace   View the previous window

32. Delete   Delete an item with it placed in recycle bin

33. Delete + Shift   Delete an item without placing it in recycle bin

34. F2   Edit a file or folder, select the name without file extension

35. F2 + Ctrl + A   Edit an item. Select the name with file extension

36. F5   Refresh File Explorer

37. F11   Turn to Full Screen (Maximize or Minimize the window)

38. Page Up   Jump up to first file or folder of a File Explorer window

39. Page Down   Jump down to the last file or folder of a page
Above all are the best and most frequently used hotkeys for File Explorer.

You can choose from them to easily find the folder you want or to get help with File Explorer on Windows 10.

In some sense, Windows Explorer can greatly smoothen the use of File Explorer.

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