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23 Shortcuts you Must Know on Windows 10

For some Windows 10 users, they prefer to use various keyboard shortcuts to execute some actions on Windows 10 rather than to take the more troublesome way, for example, when opening the Run dialog, they would directly press Win + R to turn the Run on.

Boring though it is, memorizing the Windows 10 shortcuts will bring you much convenience once you get more familiar with them.

It is the thing of certainty that with enough practice of the shortcuts on Windows 10, you will be entitled to get the quickest way to open some programs, such as Control Panel, Command Prompt, or to manage some software or hardware settings easily with the shortcuts featured on Windows 10.

Move forward to know the knacks about Windows shortcuts, you will enjoy the charm of Windows 10 more deeply.

Basic and the most common shortcuts on Windows 10:

Shortcuts                     Description

Windows                     Open or close Start menu

Windows + A              Open Action Center

Windows + B               Move the Mouse Pointer to the notification area

Windows + C                Open Cortana in listening mode

Windows + D             Display and hide the desktop

Windows + E              Open This PC

Windows + G              Open Game bar

Windows + L               Lock Windows Desktop

Windows + M              Minimize all Windows

Windows + R               Open Run Dialog

Windows + U               Open Ease of Access Center

Windows + X                 Open Start Menu

Windows + I                      Open Windows Settings

Windows + Left Arrow        Move the selected windows to left

Windows + Right Arrow     Move current windows to right

Windows + Enter                  Open Narrator

Windows + Home                    Minimize all windows and restore them with the second hit

Windows + Tab                          Launch Task View

Windows + Space                     Change Keyboard layout and Input language  

Windows + “- “                             Zoom out (Magnifier)

Windows + “+ “                            Zoom in (Magnifier)

Windows + Ctrl +D                 Create a new visual desktop

Windows + Ctrl + F4                 Close the visual desktop

Above all, these keyboard shortcuts are designed for Windows 10. Armed with them, you are able to do many operations on Windows 10, for instance, make some settings changes for the Magnifier, you can either choose to zoom the magnifier in or out as you wish.

And especially for Windows Microsoft Edge, here are the Windows Edge shortcuts you can take advantage of to open or close or do various settings for Windows Edge on Windows 10.

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